Selling Your Home on Your Own: 6 Questions to Ask Yourself

Selling your home on your own - do you have what it takes?

Selling your home on your own – do you have what it takes?

Some people might be under the mistaken impression that selling their home on their own is a long and arduous process, but in fact, it is quite a simple process that more and more homeowners are choosing.

Are you ready to sell your home on your own? Find out.

Selling your home on your own – Question 1

Can you get your asking price?
The fact that you save on commission alone is quite attractive, yes, but your asking price should meet market standards if you hope to sell your home in a reasonable amount of time.

This does not, mean, however, that you can simply select any asking price that you want; you need to do some homework regarding how much homes are selling for in your area. A comparative market analysis, which lists what similar homes in your area have listed at and sold at, will help you decide on your price.

Selling your home on your own – Question 2

Do you have the time to devote to your home?
While selling your home with the help of a commission-free real estate network can be a snap, you do need to devote some time to preparing your home and marketing it effectively.

Selling your home on your own - Home staging

Selling your home on your own – Home staging

To start, you have to write up the description in a way that’s short and simple – no one likes to spend hours reading a description of anything.

Second, you need to create some serious curb appeal. Not everyone will find your home via the internet – some will be driving by and see your for sale sign, so make sure that your landscaping is optimized.

Finally, home staging will make your home look “move-in ready”. This means cleaning, de-cluttering and repairing small damages. On average, home sellers will have to spend almost 30 hours on a home sale, no matter if they go it alone or decide to pay commission.

Selling your home on your own – Question 3

Are you comfortable presenting your home to buyers?
Some people aren’t very good at the formalities of presenting their homes and may shy away from speaking with potential buyers. What you have to keep in mind is that there is a major sale at stake here and it’s up to you to make it happen.

There are things about your home that only you know and intimate things about the neighbourhood that only you can reveal, so take the time to fill the potential buyers in on the advantages of buying your home.

Maybe you’re the shy type, but the incentive of saving thousands of dollars in commission can easily help you reconsider just how shy you are.

Selling your home on your own – Question 4

Are you comfortable negotiating with buyers?
You have complete control over the asking price and it is yours to negotiate, and sometimes the negotiation process may feel awkward. However, considering that there is no middle man involved, it is easy to get your asking price or at least very close to that range because your home is priced without a commission in mind.

That said, negotiations should be minimal considering your home is listed quite competitively against the market. If you have objectively estimated the value of your property, you’ll negotiate with confidence.

Selling your home on your own – Question 5

Will you understand the paperwork?
Legal real estate contracts and forms specifically designed for the laws in your province can be obtained and the help of a real estate lawyer is usually provided.

Selling your home on your own – Question 6

Do you know how to list your home?
Considering that 86% of potential homebuyers used the internet to research the home buying process, it’s quite obvious that the internet is the main source of home shopping for most homebuyers.

When it comes to listing your home yourself, you can essentially do everything on your own – with the help of a commission-free real estate network like ComFree.

ComFree will help you list your property and market it to potential buyers commission-free. We provide tips and advice on how to price your home, as well as the contracts necessary to finalize the sale.

Selling your home on your own is easy

Now that you know what’s involved when it comes to selling your home, perhaps it’s about time you contacted someone from the ComFree team to get started.

Good luck.


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  2. Rosy Saadeh says:

    Hi Juan, thanks for your comment.

    Sellers are simply bound to the contract that they make with the buyer. They are not governed by the rules that real estate agents are; however, in both cases if a seller or agent makes a misrepresentation then the buyer would have grounds for legal action.

  3. Juan Bassett says:

    Hi, while anyone can sell their own home with proper support or by going “solo,” how many sellers are aware that they are held to the same standards as realtors because they are practicing real estate?

    So, if there is something legal that pops up (like a material fact) things could get complicated, even after the house has been sold. And this includes errors and omissions within the contract.

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