5 Diverse Kitchen Designs

Whether you’re a gourmet chef or someone who just likes to lounge around with food in close proximity, kitchens tend to make or break a home and the more amenities a kitchen has, the better. Or is it?

Diverse kitchen designs

Diverse kitchen styles

Whether you prefer the modern look or something a little down home, one of these kitchens is bound to capture you heart. So which one is your favourite?

Diverse kitchen designs #1

White kitchen

White kitchen

White kitchen

While woods tend to be the popular choice among many, others prefer the bright white look, as it gives off a super clean feel, an enhanced sense of space, and versatility when it comes to style.

Diverse kitchen designs #2

Natural wood

Natural wood kitchen

Natural wood kitchen

Some wood kitchens give off a country feel that just welcomes a family-friendly environment. With natural wood tones and chiseled design, this kind of kitchen appeals to the good ol’ country lovers at heart.

Diverse kitchen designs #3

Modern style

Modern kitchen designs

Modern kitchen designs

Modern style kitchens are all the rage lately, with sleek design and an impeccably clean look. Everything has its place in a kitchen like this have a global appeal. Elegant in their look and practical in their utility, modern kitchens tend to appeal to most everyone.

Diverse kitchen designs #4

Darker style

Dark design kitchen

Dark design kitchen

Some believe that food just tastes better in a darker kitchen because of its warm and inviting lighting, especially in the evening. Bold in their statements, dark wood kitchen cabinetry is great for more open concept kitchens that have lots of space, especially considering that darker colours tend to make rooms look smaller.

Diverse kitchen designs #5

Open concept

Open concept kitchen

Open concept kitchen

Open concept kitchens are quite inviting considering the entire family doesn’t have to be in the same room to enjoy each others’ company. Gaining in popularity, homes without walls on the main floor of a home are becoming more and more appealing.

Diverse kitchen designs to suit everyone

So which type of kitchen is your favourite? Do you gravitate towards a more modern look or do you prefer a crisp white kitchen that has a more traditional feel? Whatever your preference there’s a home with a kitchen out there that suits everyone’s taste.

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  1. Joan Shaffer says:

    I like #5 both personally and professionally because the majority of the buyers I work with prefer the open look as well. Often when a buyer sees an older home the first thing they mention is tearing out walls so they can open up the kitchen to the living and dining areas.

    Preferences aren’t as clear between dark and light wood finishes, although dark is gaining some ground. Buyers are definitely moving away from oak – many like the casual look of hickory or more formal walnut, cherry or darker maple finishes.

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