5 Master Bathroom Designs

When it comes to properties nowadays, it seems that more and more have master bathrooms, or en suites, to go with their master bedrooms. And it’s only fitting for the king of the castle and his queen.

Master bathroom designs

Master bathroom designs

But what should a master bathroom contain? Should it have a whirlpool? A tub for two? Two sinks? What about a bidet?

The following bathrooms might give you a bird’s eye view of what some master bathrooms are looking like nowadays. Enjoy.

Master bathroom designs #1

Separate sinks

Separate sinks in the master bathroom

Separate sinks in the master bathroom

Many master bathrooms have separate sinks to allow for individuality and perhaps simultaneous brushing, and then there are bathrooms like these that place each sink in separate areas of the master bathroom.

Master bathroom designs #2

Pure privacy

Pure privacy in the master bathroom

Pure privacy in the master bathroom

Others prefer a bathroom for one, where there is only one sink, but that allows for privacy and quiet comfort. Add a bathtub that is close to windows and you’ve got yourself a make-shift spa with natural light yet an abundance of privacy.

Master bathroom designs #3

Color scheme

Relaxing colour scheme

Relaxing colour scheme

Sometimes what really gives a master bathroom that spa feel is the colour scheme used; earth tones and greenery tend to have that exact effect. Complete with rain shower and a place to sit in the shower, sometimes master bathrooms give boutique hotel bathrooms a run for their money.

Master bathroom designs #4

King’s bathtub

King's bathroom

King's bathroom

Some master bathrooms really make you feel like you’ve been taken back to a time where only royalty enjoyed the lavishness of cleanliness, and a bathtub that is surrounded by a breathtaking view and pillars. Awww yeah!

Master bathroom designs #5

Room with a view

Bathroom with a view

Bathroom with a view

Some master bathrooms are quainter, although access to a wonderful view complete with a gigantic terrace after a warm bath can do wonders for the brain. Huge windows complete this wonderful fantasy of a master bathroom.

Master bathrooms designs with appeal

Master bathrooms run the gamut from large and incredibly spacious to quaint and industrious, so if you’re in the market for a property with a master bathroom with some appeal, visit ComFree.com today.


  1. Lionel says:

    Hey… I love design #2, it is so effective and beautiful. I’ve also recently moved into a new home and I’ll try to follow the above tips.

  2. I like design #3 most. I’ve recently switched my home and I want design my home in a nice way now. Your tips will be very helpful for me here…

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  4. Jill Valeri says:

    I find that the ideal en-suite bathroom depends upon the neighborhood and housing market. Some areas almost require a jetted tub and separate shower where other areas have more tub/shower combos or just showers.

    I advise my clients to make choices that will be in keeping with the expectation of the area they live in when making design choices. They don’t want to be more expensive than their neighbors but they also don’t want people to be disappointed when they open the door.

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