Room Design for Kids – 7 Tips

Room design for kids

Room design for kids

Kids’ rooms are no longer the bare bones rooms of my day. In fact, most décor exhibitions tend to have a section that focuses entirely on kid’s rooms design.

Before your kid was born, you had all the say in what went in their room, the colours you used and the furniture. But now that your kid is above the ripe old age of three, they likely want to have their own say in their room design.

That said, here are seven tips for kids’ room design.

Room design for kids tip #1

Let them choose the colours
Your kid is going to spend a lot of their time in their bedroom, so it might be wise to let them pick the colours they want to have in there.

Now, without taking them to a paint store and showing them the thousands of colours at their disposal, perhaps you could pick four colours that you also like and let them choose among those.

This way, your kid feels empowered and you don’t have to shudder as you walk into a snot-coloured room for the next 6 years.

Room design for kids tip #2

Don’t make the room look like a playground
A bedroom is a sanctuary; a place of calm and privacy. It’s best not to go crazy with famous characters, but opt instead to decorate their room with neutral design that isn’t a branding ploy.

Flowers, cars, animals, and even their names can be used as décor elements in their rooms.

Room design for kids tip #3

Keep the room allergen-free
My daughter is allergic to dust so I know a thing or two about allergen-free rooms. You may want to promote a healthier environment for your kids’ room as well by avoiding carpet (a cotton area rug will do) and using bamboo window treatments.

Room design for kids tip #4

Buy some timeless pieces
I decided to buy my 3-year-old a double bed rather than buy a toddler bed that she would outgrow in less than two years.

And the bed isn’t some really loud colour that would look tacky to her in a few years; it’s walnut and will fit into her décor no matter how she decides to change it in the future.

The point is that the big-ticket items like furniture should be neutral enough to blend in with whatever changes you may want to make in the future.

Room design for kids tip #5

Use some inexpensive accessories
From area rugs and decorative pillows to wall decals and lamps, you don’t have to break the bank when it comes to accessorizing your kid’s room.

This is where you major splashes of colour should come from. After all, it’s much easier to remove a lamp and replace it with a new one than it is to repaint an entire room.

Room design for kids tip #6

Think about the future
Sure your kid is only 3 today, but in a blink of an eye, they’ll be backpacking it to school, so it’s important to think about where they’re going to do their homework.

Although I prefer making them do their homework on the kitchen or dining room table right after school, sometimes just having a workstation in their room can give a kid that touch of privacy.

Whether it’s for homework, crafts or just reading a good book, a desk, chair and perhaps even a small library is worth the effort.

Room design for kids tip #7

Create storage spaces
It’s inevitable that every kid’s room, at some point, will start to look like a wind storm went through it. This is why storage compartments will be your best friend.

From ottomans to baskets, there are myriad items that double as décor and function as storage. You can even opt to organize their closet in a way that maximizes the space.

Room designs that kids like

There you have it; seven easy tips to keep in mind when you’re designing your kid’s room. Enjoy yourself and make sure you involved your kid in the process. That’s half the fun.

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