ComFree Sells its 100,000th Home!

The 100,000th home sold on the ComFree network sold in just over three weeks and sold for $8,000 more than the listed price! Dianne Rozak, the happy seller from Edmonton, estimated that she saved $17,000 in commission through this historic transaction.

ComFree has sold 100,000 homes!

ComFree has sold 100,000 homes!

Commission saved = trip and new furniture

Members of the ComFree team met and congratulated her, and gave her a lifetime subscription to ComFree’s services.

She told us that with the money she saved on brokerage fees, she is going to furnish her new home and visit friends in British Columbia.

ComFree – the best decision

For her, selling without paying commission proved to be the most attractive option. The alternatives did not seem to provide her with what she needed.

ComFree sells its 100,000th home

ComFree sells its 100,000th home

Ms. Rozak decided to use the tools offered by ComFree to set the selling price herself and put her house on the market. On the very day that she put the listing online, she received an offer! Two new offers arrived the next day.

The help she received regarding her legal questions allowed her to seal the deal in just 25 days.

100,000 thank yous from ComFree!

Our team is very proud to have achieved this new record and would like to thank all those people who, like Dianne Rozak, have used ComFree to sell their homes.

We are happy to help change the face of real estate in Canada by providing an efficient and intelligent alternative to homeowners who want to sell without commission.

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