Pros & Cons of Selling a Vacant Home

In the past, real estate shoppers preferred to view homes that were vacant. They preferred vacant homes because they believed that they could really “see” the home for what it was worth.

Pros and cons of selling a vacant home

Pros and cons of selling a vacant home

Some buyers believed that a vacant home allowed them to envision their furniture and belongings in a space.

But, as a seller, what are the positive and negative aspects for you? The table below compares some of the pros and cons of selling a vacant home.

Pros of selling a vacant home Cons of selling a vacant home
Empty rooms tend to look larger and brighter It is difficult for some people to visualize where to place furniture in a space, especially if the space is awkward or oddly laid out
No need to return at a later date to pick-up furniture or decorative accessories Certain architectural details can look awkward without furniture or decorative accessories. (i.e., a recessed nook beside a fireplace may look odd without a bookcase or accent piece)
As the seller, it enables you to discover repair issues before a potential buyer detects any thereby preventing a potentially negative first impression Allows a buyer to focus on superficial imperfections such as dents in the carpet (which would otherwise be concealed with furniture) dull or scratched paint, minor imperfections in hardwood, laminate, etc.
Wall colours can look old and weathered or even garish when coordinating furniture and accessories are not present
The seller needs to return, regularly, to maintain the property and home (i.e., flush and clean toilets, mow lawn, weed, collect flyers etc.)
The carrying costs of a vacant property can be a financial burden. (i.e., electricity, taxes, bridge-financing, etc.)

As you can see, there are significantly more negative aspects associated with selling a vacant home than one that is lived in and furnished.

Today’s real estate shoppers are looking for homes with move-in-ready appeal. Proper pre-market preparation is essential in order to create the home most buyers are looking for.

Pros and cons of selling a vacant home

Pros and cons of selling a vacant home

Statistics support the fact that vacant homes remain on the market longer and sell for less than furnished homes that have been properly prepared for the real estate market.

Perhaps the situation is unavoidable and a seller has no choice but to list a vacant property, but then consider the last con in the table: wouldn’t the carrying costs involved in keeping a vacant listing on the market be better spent by staging the property?

Professional home stagers and stylists can assist sellers with all aspects of proper market preparation including rental furniture and accessories that will make potential buyers fall head-over-heels in love!

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