Canada Home Prices Have Biggest Gain in 2 Years

Home resale prices across Canada recorded the biggest jump in two years, rising for a seventh consecutive month in June 2011.

Canada home pricing index 2011

Canada home pricing index 2011

According to Teranet*, which tracks property values of homes sold more than two times, prices rose 4.52% in only one year.

The national pricing index is now at 144.67; the index mark of 100 started in June 2005. Home prices have been on a steady rise ever since.

The only exception was Calgary, Alberta; home prices there were down 2.7% from a year ago.

Toronto home prices rise highest in 2011

Toronto home prices rise highest in 2011

The biggest year-to-year rise was in Toronto, which is not surprising. The Toronto index was up 2%, reaching 131.26. And another unsurprising riser was Vancouver, which rose a whopping 7.2% since 2010, reaching an index level of 167.77.

Here is a pretty list of the pricing index in all six major cities.

Geographical Index by City

Toronto 42%
Vancouver 23.6%
Montreal 17%
Calgary 10%
Halifax 1.8%

So what do you think about the home pricing situation? Do you think there is a bubble here that is about to burst, especially considering what is currently going down around the world regarding debt?

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*The Teranet – National Bank House Price Index™ is an independent representation of the rate of change of Canadian single-family home prices. The measurements are based on the property records of public land registries, where sale price is available.

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