Open House on the Long Weekend – A Good Idea?

Every long weekend, our real estate experts are approached by sellers with the same question, “Is it a good time to hold an open house?”

Open house on Labour Day weekend

Open house on Labour Day weekend

The truth is that a Labour Day open house can be hit or miss depending on the weather and just how many people are out of town. Open houses in general are the best marketing tool available for sellers and the key to success is a realistic schedule.

Open house on Labour Day weekend

Although it is impossible to predict open house success, it is possible to predict open house frustration. If you cancel all your plans this weekend in order to stay home just to do an open house then you will be very frustrated if you don’t get an encouraging turnout.

Alternatively, if you don’t have any plans to leave town and you will be around on Sunday or Monday afternoon, then I would suggest that it is worth the effort.

Open houses DO work

It is crucial that you do not get frustrated, as your odds of finding your buyer via an open house are drastically increased when you are able to hold one each weekend, even if it is for two hours.

Open houses on weekends

Open houses on weekends

When you set an unrealistic open house schedule and you don’t see immediate results, the tendency is to assume open houses don’t work and stop holding them, in essence reducing your chances of selling.

For this Labour Day weekend and every other weekend, you should evaluate your family’s schedule and create an obtainable agenda that allows you to feel as though you are putting in the effort to sell, but still allowing yourself to enjoy your free time.

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