How To Buy a Home Without Paying Commission

So you found the home of your dreams and it happens to be for sale by owner – perhaps on, oh I don’t know, the ComFree website.

How to buy home without paying commission

How to buy home without paying commission

Now you’re wondering whether you would be better off paying a commission to close the deal or maybe, just maybe, you might be able to do this on your own. After all, you’re smart, you’re savvy, and gosh darn it, you spit in the face of challenges.

Of course, you want to be informed about how best to buy this home and begin your search, which is likely why you ended up here. Welcome, by the way.

Below is a useful guide that will help you make buying a home without paying commission as smooth as possible.

How to buy a home without paying commission #1

Determine your budget

You may have found your dream home, but before you make any moves or try to contact the seller, you should make an appointment with your financial advisor mortgage pre-approval.

Buying a home without paying commission

Buying a home without paying commission

This way, you will know exactly how much you can afford and will not save a boatload of time. Just don’t forget to factor in other costs like inspections, legal fees, transfer fees, and moving costs.

How to buy a home without paying commission #2

Contact the owner and set up a visit

After you’ve checked out all the HDR pictures on the home, contact the seller and set up an appointment to see the home. Be sure to ask the owner the major questions:

  • – Offering price (Is it negotiable? What are homes in the area selling for? Conditions?)
  • – Condition of home (How old is the roof? Any plumbing issues?)
  • – Location of home (Where are the schools? What are the neighbourhood demographics?)

A real estate lawyer is a necessary part of the process so that you can confidently move ahead with the purchase of the home.

Your real estate lawyer will need to know you desired purchase price, conditions and possession date, the seller’s name as it appears on title, address of the property, seller’s lawyer, and all included and excluded items.

Buying without paying commission

Buying without paying commission

All questions regarding the offer to purchase should be forwarded to your lawyer.

How to buy a home without paying commission #3

Provide the seller with your offer

Once you give the seller your offer, one of three things will happen:

  1. The seller will accept your offer.
  2. The seller will reject your offer.
  3. The seller will make a counter-offer.

How to buy a home without paying commission #4

Make an offer to Purchase

Once your offer is accepted, the offer to purchase must be drawn up and should contain:

  • – The legal names of the purchaser and seller.
  • – The legal address of the property.
  • – The amount of the deposit and the amount to be paid on closing – paid in trust to the seller’s lawyer.
  • – What items are included – e.g. fridge, stove, washer and dryer, fixtures.
  • – What items are excluded – e.g. satellite dish, wood stove, etc.
  • – All rental items – e.g. hot water heater
  • – A deadline for acceptance date – this is the date and exact time that the offer will expire if not accepted.
  • – Any other conditions.

How to buy a home without paying commission #5

Consider other conditions

Conditional on financing

Let’s say you forgot to get a mortgage pre-approval before you began your house hunt. No biggie.

With a condition on financing, you will have the time to get your mortgage approval (usually takes one week).

Conditional on home inspection

It is really in your best interest to get a home inspector to evaluate the home you plan to buy. One week is all it takes to find someone to take care of it.

The inspector will advise you of any problem or potential problem found, and from that point you can decide to proceed with the home purchase or back out of the contract.

How to buy a home without paying commission #6

Proceeding when the offer is accepted

After the seller accepts the offer, it is then up to you, the buyer, to remove all the conditions by the appropriate date. Once removed, the home will be officially sold and the rest is up to the lawyers.


Buying a home without paying commission is possible

If you still have more questions or want a little more information, feel free to contact us at and we will respond to your query as soon as possible.

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  1. Little KY says:

    Just a note on #5 – unless you are paying cash, your mortgage broker/holder will force you to put your offer conditional on financing as they will not let you do a hot offer or live offer.

    This is becuase any private sale will trigger an appraisal from your mortgage holder to ensure the house value can meet the lien.

    If you’ve gone over market on your offer, be prepared to put down a bigger downpayment than you might think…

  2. Gerogina says:

    Thanks for this post! You have tons of valuable content here.

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