Canadian Homeowners More Likely To Sell On Their Own

A recent survey conducted by ComFree revealed that more and more Canadians are gravitating toward selling their homes on their own by enlisting the services of a company like ComFree (shameless plug, I know).

Canadian homeowners more llikely to sell on their own

Canadian homeowners more llikely to sell on their own

Over 28% of respondents revealed that they would be very likely to sell their homes commission-free when it came time to sell. And while Quebec and the Atlantic provinces ranked the highest, each province surveyed resulted in more than 20% of homeowners who are prepared to sell their homes commission-free.

Here is how the provinces fared:

  • – Atlantic Provinces – 48%
  • – Quebec – 39%
  • – Manitoba/Saskatchewan – 32%
  • – Alberta – 29%
  • – British Columbia – 22%
  • – Ontario – 21%

Considering that buying and selling a home is not as complicated and mystical as it was before the internet, it’s no surprise that homeowners are educating themselves about all the options available to them and opting for the one that can reap them the most monetary benefit.

If homeowners are willing to devote some of their time to the sale of their homes, they stand to save upwards of $15,000 in commissions. That alone, is 15,000 reasons to consider the new way of selling real estate.

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