Can Your Kitchen Appliances Sell Your Home?

It’s easy to see why stainless steel appliances are big sellers when it comes to kitchen appliances and why homes that have them tend to do well when it comes to home sales.

Can kitchen appliances sell your home?

Stainless steel provides a sleek, modern look that many buyers gravitate toward, and serves as a neutral background for just about any counter-top and mill-work you could throw at it.

It’s also worthy to note that stainless steel kitchen appliance costs have come down dramatically in the last few years.

But regardless of whether or not you have stainless steel kitchen appliance, it would serve you well to make sure that the kitchen appliances you do have are at their best. After all, most families tend to spend a great deal of time in the kitchen.

That said, here are some tips regarding your kitchen appliances that could help to sell your home.

Use kitchen appliances to sell your home #1

Clean them up good
It is imperative that you do a deep cleaning of your kitchen appliances. Use baking soda to clean the dishwasher, ammonia to clean the stove and wipe down the fridge from the inside out with soap and hot water.

Homebuyers might want to see what the kitchen appliances are like on the inside, and if you have food stains, rust, or stuck-on unidentifiable items, chances are they won’t bite.

Clean off the fridge from the outside and make sure to remove any and all magnets, doodles, hand prints and so on.

Use kitchen appliances to sell your home #2

Appeal to green buyers
Sometimes replacing kitchen appliances can serve you well with resale, especially if they are energy efficient and have the energy star label that reveals as much.

Many potential homebuyers get excited at the prospect of kitchen appliances that will end up saving them money. Kitchen appliances that carry the energy star label have been found to use between 10% to 50% less energy and water than standard models.

And if you simply cannot afford to replace all your appliances, at least consider replacing the refrigerator, as it’s the biggest energy consumer because it’s always running.

According to, today’s refrigerators use 40% less energy than conventional models from 2001. That essentially creates enough energy to light a home for four months!

Stainless steel appliance will sell your homeUse kitchen appliances to sell your home #3

Replace the doors
If you have a fridge, stove and dishwasher that function perfectly, you can opt to replace the doors of your kitchen appliances rather than purchase new appliance altogether.

Although it might be quite difficult to replace the doors of really old appliances, it might be worthwhile if you have a relatively new appliance that is damaged from, say, a feisty 3-year-old who thought it would be funny to ride his tricycle into the fridge door – over and over again.

Use kitchen appliances to sell your home #4

Have the user manuals handy
Offering potential homeowners the user manuals to all the appliances in a neat binder will surely demonstrate that you understand how to care for the things in your home.

Showing them that you will provide them with the user manuals to all the appliances will give them the sense that there is one less thing to worry about when they move in.

Use kitchen appliances to sell your home #5

Throw in some extras
Every homebuyer likes to get a deal, so offering them a couple of extra water filters for the fridge or special salt for the dishwasher can make the difference between, “We’ll think about it,” and “Where do we sign?!”

Okay, so perhaps that’s a slight exaggeration, but it does help.

Kitchen appliances help home selling

Before you sell your home, you need to make sure that it is in good selling condition and a great way to do that is by ensuring that the kitchen appliances in your home are in working order, good condition and clean enough to eat off of.

Now, if you’re ready to sell your home, why not forgo the commission and take the ComFree route? You can thank me later.


  1. Its true that buyers tend to get attracted towards shiny slick look of stainless steel… its like they seem to forget the minor details when it comes to buying homes as a whole. But really, one needs to be careful when it comes to this. Thanks for sharing this information.

  2. I vouch for stainless steel in kitchens, I second that, great article!

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  4. B Ajon says:

    Good information here. I agree that stainless steel works best in most kitchens. Thanks for the tips.

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