What Men and Women Look For When Buying A Home

If you ask Top Chef star Marcus Samuelsson, he would tell you that “the kitchen is the new garage” when it comes to what men look when buying a home. And the trippy news doesn’t end there; it seems that men have taken “a man’s home is his castle” to a whole new level.

What men and women look for when buying a home

What men look for when buying a home

1- High-end kitchen
Men want a high-end kitchen with lots of counter space and great appliances. Nowadays, men are well aware of the difference between soapstone and granite and admit to enjoying cooking.

2- Man cave
The other thing that men want more than anything is their own space in a home, the man cave if you will. Considering that most men aren’t pulling a Don Draper most days of the week, they like to come home and feel like they have their own space in which they are free to do whatever they want.

Of course as you might have guessed, video games, pool tables, flat-screens, and mini-fridges ensue.

3- Fixer upper
Guys don’t seem to mind a resale home – a mild fixer upper. They still know where the garage is in the home and take no issue with doing minor repairs in a home.

What women look for when buying a home

1- Kitchen isn’t tops
Not much has changed in the ways of women, except that perhaps the kitchen isn’t always their numero uno when it comes to a home purchase.

2- A great garden
Women place gardens as one of the major influencers of a home purchase, as many have green thumbs and like to plant flowers, herbs and vegetables.

3- Master bedroom and bathroom
To no one’s surprise women also list a spacious master bedroom and bathroom with a soaking tub high on the list of wants, as nowadays women tend to work outside the home and enjoy a good soak every now and then.

4- Closet space
And let us not forget closet space; the deeper you can walk in, the better, I always say, and most women would tend to agree. An organized wardrobe is a wardrobe in which all the items get some play.

Is this really what men and women look for when buying a home?

So do you agree with this list of what men and women want regarding homes? Do you think women still love a great kitchen? Do you think men still enjoy hanging out in the garage?

Do you think that couples have become the “look, I’ll grow it, you cook it” kind?

Let me know in the comments below.

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