8 Types of Kitchen Countertops

When it comes to kitchen countertops, the options are endless.

Types of kitchen countertops

Although not every kitchen countertop will fit into your lifestyle, there’s no doubt that no matter the choice you make, you will find yourself with a beautiful kitchen countertop that will hopefully last you for years to come.

That said, here are some of the latest kitchen countertop options that have become popular in recent years.

Kitchen countertops #1

Kitchen countertop in granite
If money is no object when it comes to building or renovating a kitchen, granite is typically the big winner. It gives off an air of elegance and sophistication, and the original beauty of the granite stone gives a je ne sais quoi to even the most conventional kitchen.

If sealed and installed properly, a granite kitchen countertop can last a lifetime. The major drawback is that it’s quite expensive, although some would argue that it is becoming more affordable.

Should you get it? It can sustain heat, is available in myriad colours and patterns, and adds major value to homebuyers; however, it is porous (can absorb and harbour bacteria).

Kitchen countertops #2

If you have kitchen ADD and need to switch things up every few years, then laminate countertops might be a great option for you. Made of plastic-coated synthetic material with a smooth surface that’s easy to clean, the pieces are easily cut to size and then finished on the edges of the counter space.

Should you get it? While laminate countertops are inexpensive, you need to consider that scratches and chips are virtually impossible to repair, and does not add value to homebuyers.

Kitchen countertops #3

Solid surfaces
Kitchen countertop in Corian
Because surfaces like Avonite, Corian and Swanstone are solid, any scratches that the countertops endure can be sanded out.

However, the countertops are not heat resistant, so you are highly discouraged from placing a hot pan on the surface; but then, why would you ever do that?

Should you get it? Solid surfaces comes in a wide array of colours and patterns, are stain resistant and seamless.

Kitchen countertops #4

Ceramic tile
While ceramic tile can be quite durable, inexpensive, and a DIY project for resourceful homeowners, tiles rarely last a lifetime and can easily chip or crack.

As well, drop one glass of red wine and the grout will be permanently stained.

Should you get it? Ceramic tile is heat resistant and is available in a wide range of price points, although your counter surface will be uneven and if you want to go custom, it will cost you a pretty penny.

Kitchen countertops #5

Kitchen countertop in quartz
Quartz counters are essentially engineered stone composed of 93% quartz particles. You can get it in a much larger range of colours than granite and it is scratch resistant and has a non-porous surface (it will not be penetrated by bacteria).

Yes, it is more expensive than granite, but nevertheless, it is worth the price paid in the long-run, as it will last a lifetime.

Should you get it? It’s stain resistant, requires no maintenance and adds major value to homebuyers.

Kitchen countertops #6

Butcher’s block
Hardwood countertops give off a great look and come in a wide array of finishes. However, wood is wood is wood and it can get water and stain damage over time.

Butcher block counter tops require maintenance and scratches must be oiled or sealed, depending on the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Should you get it? While wood countertops are easy to clean and can be sanded, they cannot withstand the test of time.

Kitchen countertops #7

Stainless steel
If you’re a big fan of very contemporary kitchens, stainless steel might appeal to you in many ways. Both heat resistant and durable, stainless steel countertops also allow for that seamless look as they are constructed according to your specifications.

Should you get it? While stainless steel is definitely durable, it is quite pricey, noisy and may even dent if hit hard enough. And don’t even think about cutting on this surface.

Kitchen countertops #8

Soapstone usually comes in a dark grey, almost charcoal hue and has a very smooth texture, and can also be used as sink material. While it is somewhat stain resistant, soapstone requires some maintenance.

Should you get it? Soapstone requires regular applications of mineral oil, otherwise the colour will begin to fade, and it may crack and darken over time.

Kitchen countertops that suit your lifestyle

Of course, there are other options for kitchen countertops like marble, concrete, Staron, copper, crafted glass, and exotic stone, the truth is that most homeowners would opt for more reasonably priced and maintainable kitchen countertops. I already feel like I pushed the limit by adding soapstone to the list.

What are your thoughts? Are there any other types of kitchen countertops you think worthy of mention that I omitted? Or do you disagree with some of my comments regarding certain types of countertops?

Let me know in the comments below.

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  2. William says:

    Kitchens are so important and sometimes people just don’t realize to what extent. I won’t even bother with a home if it doesn’t have granite or other upgraded countertops. Thanks for the post!

  3. Kelvin A says:

    I love granite and while other players come and go, granite is always the mainstay in my book.

  4. Meghan says:

    Terrific article! That is the type of information that should be shared across the net. Thank you for sharing.

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  6. Tony says:

    I think that kitchens increase in value with granite, quartz and corian.

  7. Pingback: Fred

  8. Rosy Saadeh says:

    Hi Jeanne, I think that nowadays, the price of granite has come down considerably. Speaking from experience, when I went to visit the guy who owned the granite store, he offered to give me leftover pieces of granite from other jobs at 50% off because they were too small to use anywhere but in the bathroom.

    Also, there are reasonably priced pieces of granite, if you are willing to do the legwork and opt for a slab that has a slight flaw.

    It might be worth your time to visit your nearest granite dealer to cut a deal.

  9. What kind of countertops have other apartment owners found to give the best value in middle/working class apartments? I am in the process of buying a property that will need all the counters replaced. Most put in laminate. Is there a more durable option that is still reasonable cost-wise? Most of the durable options given in this article are very pricy.

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