Why Your Home Is Taking Too Long to Sell

Your home has been on the market for a prolonged period of time and you’re beginning to wonder why your home is taking too long to sell.

Why your home taking too long to sell - tips from ComFree blog

Sometimes home sellers can sell their property on the first day it gets listed and for others it might take much longer. The main reasons why a property might not sell quickly is due to the following:

Why your home is taking too long to sell #1

Price is too high

If your property is priced too high, you’re actually helping other homes for sale around you sell faster. The homebuyer will compare your home to others in the market and if you’re in the higher range, the other property may seem like a better deal.

You may receive none to very few phone calls based on the fact that homebuyers don’t want to take the initiative of negotiating the price; first to market value and then to negotiate beyond. They could easily purchase a home that’s already listed much lower than yours and still end up with a good deal.

The homebuyer is unsure of how the seller is going to react to a low-ball offer, therefore, they opt out of calling, viewing or placing an offer on the property altogether.

Why your home is taking too long to sell #2

The location of the property is extremely important. If you own a property on the main street facing a strip mall and there is one in a crescent location, the latter will sell faster.

When showing your home, you must take the initiative to sell your location. Reveal the details of the surroundings (great French bakery two blocks down, best school teachers at the local primary school, etc.) so that homebuyers feel like they’re in the right place.

Why your home is taking too long to sell #3

A first impression is usually the best impression. If your home is cluttered or needs repairs, it will take you longer to sell. Instead of noticing the beauty of your home, the homebuyer will stay focused on the repairs and the clutter. It’s very hard for homebuyers to look beyond the mess.

Why your home is taking too long to sell #4

If the market is a homebuyer’s market, then the sellers have a challenge. There will be excessive listings on the market thus giving the buyer a lot of choices.

Sometimes it’s a mystery why your home is taking too long to sell

Sometimes everything is in place but the property still doesn’t sell. This is when you have to be very patient and wait for that right homebuyer to come through. Check the Days on Market in your area and that should give you a guideline on how fast your property should sell.

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  1. Karen L says:

    I sold my home through ComFree and it sold in 4 days! I ended up saving thousands of dollars and am so happy I decided to take this route. Thank you!!!

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