5 Ways To Stage Your Master Bedroom

Selling your home on the real estate market is akin to a love story. You begin by enticing your potential buyers with beautiful internet pictures, you woo them with lovely, decluttered and neutral spaces, and you romance them with the master bedroom!

Stage your master bedroom

Homebuyers who are paying for your home will spend a lot of money and they’re ultimately going to be the “masters” of the house. Therefore, proper preparation of the master bedroom is key if you want to sweep your potential buyers off their feet!

Ultimately, all bedrooms in a home need attention, but paying particular attention to the master bedroom will contribute to a happy ending.

Staging a home for sale includes the bedrooms. Most people will agree that it’s bathrooms and kitchens that sell homes (since they are the two most expensive areas to update and fix), but does that mean you can neglect other areas of the home?

Your potential buyers are falling in love with your home, now keep the romance alive! Beyond the things we’ve discussed previously, about how to prepare your home for market, here are five simple ways to stage your master bedroom:

Ways to stage your master bedroom #1

Keep artwork neutral
Preferences for artwork are often personal and subjective. Remove questionable artwork, personal pictures and posters. If you’re not sure how a particular piece of artwork will be received, simply pack it away and replace it with something neutral.

In no way am I suggesting that you present a sterile bedroom environment. Generally speaking, and depending on the size of the room, one to three pieces of framed art arranged above a bed or dresser is sufficient.

Ways to stage your master bedroom #2

Mind your bed linens
Be critical of your bed linens. If they are too bold; are faded or threadbare or are ill-fitting for the bed they are on, it’s time to make a small invest to dress things up a little.

Don’t give homebuyers the chance to become distracted by such insignificant things. A couple of accent cushions or a throw can add a pop of colour when necessary but don’t overdo it.

Ways to stage your master bedroom #3

Maximize space
Space is a precious commodity. If the bedrooms in your home are filled with “stuff” and too many or oversized pieces of furniture, potential buyers will equate that with a lack of storage and living space.

Master bedrooms should invoke an inviting and relaxing feeling, and feel like spaces that exude restfulness and peace. Take stock of how many pieces of furniture are in the room and edit appropriately.

Consider the size of the room compared to the scale of the furniture. By simply switching a king size bed for a queen, you immediately create visual space. As much floor space as possible should be visible.

Ways to stage your master bedroom #4

Empty the closets
You should anticipate that potential buyers are going to look in (and possibly through) your closets. Store out-of-season clothing off-site or in an area of the home that is not immediately accessible or visible to buyers.

Closet space ranks as one of the most important aspects of the master bedroom (next to master bathrooms) so you must make sure that your closets appear spacious! If you do not consider your master bedroom closet to be particularly large, it is imperative that it is neat, spacious and organized.

Ways to stage your master bedroom #5

Appoint the space appropriately
If you have a workspace or computer desk in your master bedroom, remove it. Future owners can opt to incorporate a bedroom office space if they choose but don’t make that decision for them. Regardless if there is sufficient space for it, a bedroom should not be equated with work but with rest.

If you do have a lot of extra space in your master bedroom, consider arranging a cozy reading nook or a lounge area. When homebuyers walk into the master bedroom you want them to say “Aah,” not “Oh.”

Stage your master bedroom right

If you are considering selling your home, you have a lot of things to consider in terms of preparing your home properly prior to listing it. The importance of the first impression your home makes to potential buyers is paramount.

From the moment someone pulls up in front of your home to the moment they walk through the door, you have to wow them and keep wowing them. If you’ve spent time making sure that your home has curb appeal, you’re off to a great start; but don’t stop there!

You only have 15 to 30 seconds in which to create a lasting impression on homebuyers and the wow factor has to continue from the curb to the master bedroom and beyond! Here’s to a happy ending.

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  1. Very well put. It is hard sometimes to tell seller’s that they need to put away personal photos or suggestive decorations. Thanks for the affirmation.

  2. Lesslie, Thank you for your kind words. I’m glad that you found this information helpful and informative.

  3. Jackie, this is great information – so well written that I could give it directly to a client. Your comment in particular about making the Master a restful place rather than a work place hits home for many of our sellers.

    We always suggest that the seller have a light colored spread–crisp and clean – especially if the room is small, and ask them to get a set of new towels that will be put out and are for show only. Great content.

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