6 Deal Breakers for Homebuyers

It’s easy to lose sight of what it actually takes to sell your home, especially because it is sometimes difficult to look at your home through a homebuyer’s eyes. But if you want to sell your home, make sure that you think about the following deal breakers for homebuyers when conducting home showings.

Keep in mind that homebuyers spend 12 weeks searching for a home and see about 15 homes before deciding on the one they want.

Deal breakers for homebuyers

Deal breakers for homebuyers #1

Make sure you have lots of pets
There’s nothing quite as off-putting as a home that is full of pets and pet odours, so if you want to ensure that you have a hard time selling your home to those who have no pets or, worse yet, have allergies, make sure to keep your pets front and center during home showings.

To eliminate the deal breaker: Make sure your pets are not home when you do home showings and get rid of any evidence that there are pets in the home. This includes their odour.

Deal breakers for homebuyers #2

Keep the landscaping unkempt
From the moment they pull up to your home, homebuyers will think your home is not even worth seeing from the inside if the outside looks like rabbits have been digging through it.

Don’t mow the lawn, don’t trim the bushes and leave a tire or two in the driveway for good measure. That will certainly be a deal breaker for homebuyers.

To eliminate the deal breaker: Curb appeal matters. Take care of your greens, make sure the driveway is spotless and clean up your windows and doors to a shine.

Deal breakers for homebuyers #3

Make sure it smells like fried dough
From the aforementioned pets to tobacco smoke and just good old fried cooking, a homebuyer’s sense of smell is heightened when they’re about to put upwards of $300,000 down on a home.

Add to that a massive wallop of air “freshener” and you’ve got yourself a major dealbreaker for homebuyers who will run, not walk, from your home.

To eliminate the deal breaker: Neutralize odours in your home by eliminating the source of the odour (dog pillow, pot of used oil, stinky drapes) and airing out your home by opening the windows. Then boil some water with cinnamon on the stove about 10 minutes before home showings.

Deal breakers for homebuyers #4

Don’t bother cleaning
A dirty home is a home that homebuyers will definitely hate. It’s enough that they think about the entire moving situation; pile on the fact that you will likely leave the home looking filthy and you can bet that they won’t even bother with your place.

To eliminate the deal breaker: Clean your home with a fine-tooth comb – I’m not kidding. It is much easier to focus on the size of the rooms and beauty of a home when you don’t keep noticing that there is dust and grime in certain areas.

Deal breakers for homebuyers #5

Make sure there’s terrible lighting
If you want to make sure that homebuyers want nothing to do with your home, make sure that they can’t see anything any time they walk into a room. A dimly-lit room will make homebuyers feel like you have something to hide.

To eliminate the deal breaker: If it’s evening, turn on all the lights; if it’s daytime, open all the shades. Let the light in and allow homebuyers to see what your home has to offer.

Deal breakers for homebuyers #6

Keep the basement nice and damp
You know why a homebuyer will hate your home once they walk into the basement and it feels damp? Well, it’s because that indicates that mold is only a heartbeat away. And nothing says mold quite like a damp basement, wouldn’t you agree?

To eliminate the deal breaker: Invest in a dehumidifier to ensure that your basement, and your home in general, is as free from moisture as possible.

Eliminate the deal breakers, find a homebuyer

Selling your home is not rocket science, and all you really need to do it prepare your home beforehand, take great pictures of it for marketing, show your home and provide details about your place and its proximity that no one else would otherwise know.

You CAN do this. If you’re ready, visit ComFree today and see how we can help you sell your home today.

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