5 Cool Kitchen Gadgets

A kitchen renovation can cost as little as $24,000 and as much as $110,000, depending on what your plans are for your kitchen and which kitchen gadgets you plan to use.

Cool kitchen gadgets

That said, if money were no object, would you add these kitchen gadgets to your kitchen?

Cool kitchen gadgets #1

Cool kitchen gadgets - hands-free faucet

Hands-free faucet
Anyone who cooks and has their hands full of mincemeat can attest to the fact that finding a way to turn on the faucet without actually having to touch anything would be phenomenal. Enter the hands-free faucet.

Dentists have been using it for years and now homeowners on catching on to the trend. Not only is it more hygienic, it also helps to save water.

Cost: $350

Cool kitchen gadgets #2

Cool kitchen gadgets - toe-kick drawer

Toe-kick drawers
For those of you obsessed with storage space and want to squeeze any possible spot to create some, toe-kick drawers were designed with you in mind. You know that spot where you place your feet when you stand close to the counter? That’s where the toe-kick drawer is placed, hence the name.

Although I think this idea is great for the most part, accidentally leaving a toe-kick drawer open could present quite the injury.

Cost: $200 per drawer

Cool kitchen gadgets #3

Cool kitchen gadgets - instant boiling water

Instant hot water
For those of you who do not have curious children, instant hot water gives you immediate boiled water for instant coffee, tea, hot chocolate and even soup. It can make up to 100 cups of boiling hto water per hour. Now that’s something.

But like I said, in the wrong hands (read: curious toddler), things could get quite messy. And no, they don’t come with locks. I checked.

Cost: $200

Cool kitchen gadgets #4

Cool kitchen gadgets - vac pan

Vac pan
Keeping your kitchen free of dirt, dust and hair has never been easier. The Vac pan is a bagless stationary vacuum that is equipped with a powerful motor. If you sweep up the debris to the base of the unit, it will automatically turn on and suck up the pile of dirt and shut off automatically.

Cost: $100

Cool kitchen gadgets #5

Kitchen gadgets - pop-up TV in island

Popup TV in kitchen island
Granted that you have an island in your kitchen, nothing will impress homebuyers or visitors more than when you press down on your kitchen counter and a TV pops up ever so smoothly.

Now you can follow along when trying a new recipe or you could forgo the cooking altogether and just indulge in an episode of Ellen. She’s awesome.

Cost: $6,000

So which is your favourite? If it’s not listed, feel free to mention it in the comments below.

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  1. Burke says:

    I really like these gadgets and since I currently renovating my kitchen, you can bet that these will be included in the budget. Thanks for sharing!

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