5 Top Priorities for New Homeowners

Top priorities for new homeownersOwning a new home is quite an accomplishment and with it comes some top priorities for new homeowners.

While some might consider a flat-screen TV or a sauna a top priority, others imagine the following and should likely get these things taken care of before the move.

Top priorities for new homeowners #1

Window coverings
Your new neighbours might be super cool, but I’m pretty confident that they wouldn’t be incredibly thrilled to see you stroll around your new home in the buff.

Window treatments aren’t usually pret-a-porter, so to speak, and must be ordered plenty of time in advance, so if you want to be able to wear your birthday suit without traumatizing the neighbours, then I strongly recommend that you get your window coverings taken care of weeks in advance of the move.

Top priorities for new homeowners #2

Sleeping on the floor or in a sleeping bag might be okay when you’re 11 and at sleep away camp, but in a new home it just won’t do. Even if you don’t have a frame to go around it, having at least a mattress to sleep on will usually ensure a good night’s sleep.

Again, mattresses aren’t usually delivered overnight, so make sure to arrange for them to be delivered on your moving date (usually takes 2 weeks for delivery). Most mattress companies will allow you to order your mattress within six months of your tentative moving date.

Top priorities for new homeowners #3

Perhaps an ottoman and a funky chair aren’t high on the list of top priorities for new homeowners but a bedroom set a couch and a dining table with chairs likely are.

So long as you have a place to sleep, a place to eat and a place to lounge, chances are you’ll be okay up until the pool table and hot tub arrive.

Top priorities for new homeowners #4

Showering and drying off won’t be that easy if you don’t have any new towels to dry off with, unless of course, you plan on using your window coverings to do that.

All jokes aside, bed sheets and towels should list up there with all the other top priorities for new homeowners because sleeping on a bare mattress is uncomfortable and having to air dry after every shower will really throw a kink into all your plans.

There is no wait time for linens, as you can just walk into just about any store and walk out with tons of linens that very day. If you’re the picky type, however, you might want to get on that well in advance of the move-in date.

Top priorities for new homeowners #5

While it might seem pretty cool to eat take out on plastic plates at first, the feeling will get old quickly and the desire to be able to put together a nice homemade meal complete with dishware will sound grand.

Appliances can take up to 12 weeks to deliver so your best bet would be to make your choices for the type of stove, stove fan, refrigerator, microwave and perhaps dishwasher you want at least three months before the moving date. Oh, and don’t forget the dishware and utensils (but you could buy those a week before the move).

Top priorities for new homeowners #6

From soothing music and web surfing to amusing television shows and video games, we are a population of people who absolutely need to be plugged in on many levels, and so electronics for the home have definitely become a top priority for new homeowners.

Electronics delivery times tend to vary; there are some things you can take with you on the same day of purchase and other items that you will have to wait weeks to receive. Shop early and hope for the best.

Top priorities for new homeowners

So did I leave anything out? Feel free to mention what you think is a top priority for new homeowners in the comments below.

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  1. Karla says:

    People often forget to initiate the alarm system. So many times when in transition thieves take advantage of the time you are busy- and take all your “new” appliances. Secure your new location day 1, even add timers with lights and radio on and off all day. Happy moving.

  2. Sandra says:

    Another suggestion. If you are thinking of painting. Try really hard to prioritize this job and to get it done before you move in. It saves an enormous amount of time and energy if you repair the walls, sand, paint, and clean up when the house is empty. Then, if the walls get bumped or scratched while moving in, the repair is a minor job, and you have the matching paint on hand.
    Happy Moving!!

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