Moving and Young Children – 5 Tips

When it comes to moving and young children, everything from selling your home, packing your things and moving into a new home can impact your young children in a variety of ways.

Moving and young children

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For some children, this can be quite a stressful time. Adults understand what is involved and what happens during the selling and moving process; however, as parents, we sometimes forget how our children feel or we take for granted that our children understand what is involved when a family moves.

Moving and young children – tip #1

Figure out what your children are thinking
Some children may think that the sale of your home means:

  • – All their bedroom furniture, toys, books, clothing, cozy blanket, etc., belong to the new owner
  • – They are leaving their school, favourite teacher, friends, etc.
  • – They are leaving behind their pets
  • – They are leaving extended family such as grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins
  • – They are leaving their playground, community centre, park
  • – That nothing will feel familiar to them.

At the same time they might be wondering where they are moving to and what it’s going to be like:

  • 1- Am I going to like my new school? Teacher?
  • 2- Am I going to make new friends? Will they like me?
  • 3- Am I going to like my new home? My room?

Moving and young children – tip #2

Talk to your children about it
Once you make the decision to sell, remember to talk to your children. Let them know what is involved and try to anticipate their fears and anxiety about leaving their current home and moving into the new one.

Moving and young children – tip #3

Visit the new home
Drive by your new home and the area you are planning on moving to, including schools. Pay attention to see if children of similar age are in the area, maybe stop and play in the neighbourhood park or visit the community centre.

Moving and young children – tip #4

Get them involved in packing
Involve your children with the packing of items in their room, so that they are part of the process.

It might be a good idea, as you are decluttering your home, to have your children take one box for each child that is their “special” box – mark it with their name on it – and then assist them by placing all their favourite toys/books inside the box. Once their box is full, explain that these are the items that they will continue to play with during the selling process.

Moving and young children- tip #5

Let them unpack their stuff
Once at the new home, have the children open their marked storage boxes; after not having seen them for a while, they will be excited and happy to see them again, and will have an easier time settling into their new environment!

Moving and young children can work in your favour

Just remember to include and involve your children during the process of not only selling your home but also in the process of moving to a new home.

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