Modern Wine Cellars

Gone are the days of having wine cellars in a dark, cold basement; nowadays wine enthusiasts opt to showcase their wine collections up front and center in the home.

Modern wine cellar

And although the traditional route is still a popular choice for most wine cellars, modern wine cellars are becoming more and more prominent in home décor.

The kitchen is usually the most popular place for a wine room nowadays, as it is close to the food preparation area and is also the most popular room in the home.

Modern wine cellar made of cement

Lighting is also important for the wine room, as it showcases the work of art that is the wine room, and chances are it cost a pretty penny to create.

Modern wine rooms become part of the kitchen

Glass doors and windows help to promote your wine collections, but be careful; you do not want to expose your wine to too much light, so ensure that it is stored in a way that minimizes light exposure.

No matter the material you choose to create a wine room, what is of grave importance is the temperature level and humidity levels, so make sure you have that area covered.

Modern wine cellars become centerpiece of homes

Wine bottles should always be stored sideways to ensure that the cork remains wet and does not shrink and oxygenate the wine, which will cause it to sour.

Use windows to display your modern wine cellar

A tasting room is always a wonderful added touch to a wine room, but not necessary. A small table with two chairs will do. Accessorize with beautiful wine bottle openers and decanters that can double as decorative pieces.

Do wine cellars add value to a home? Yes. Custom wine cellars and wine refrigerators are must-haves for luxury homes, and they are especially appreciated in homes situated in upscale neighborhoods.

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  1. Doug says:

    These are great examples of modern wine cellars. In my area, wine cellars are very rare. Any property on offer with a cellar really stands out.
    Underground cellars need to have special consideration when it comes to lighting so it’s a good thing to keep in mind.

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