6 Ultimate Kitchen Pantry Tips

Whether you are remodeling, selling or buying a home, you may want to consider a walk-in pantry if you have the space. Pantries create that extra storage area for things that have a long shelf life and perhaps for cleaning products that you want to place out of reach from children.

Walk-in kitchen pantry

Walk-in kitchen pantry

So whether you plan on changing things up in your current pantry or want to build one from scratch, here are some useful kitchen pantry tips.

Kitchen pantry tips #1

Find the shelving before planning the space
If you want to maximize your kitchen pantry space, you will need shelving; however, waiting until the drywall is up before shopping for shelving might not be your best bet.

Shop around for shelving, figure out the size and then plan the pantry with those depths in mind.

Kitchen pantry tips #2

Think about the door
It might not be ideal to have a pantry door that open into the pantry, as it might make getting items stored behind it somewhat difficult.

My first pantry had a door that opened into the wall; this might be a good option if opening the door outward and inward poses a problem. You also have the option of getting a swinging door.

Kitchen pantry tips #3

Add electrical outlets
You may only see it as a storage area, but having outlets in your kitchen pantry can come in quite handy. Whether you want to eventually put a wine fridge or there or simply keep your mini-vac charged for small messes, outlets will serve you well.

Kitchen pantry tips #4

Add more than shelves
Shelving is great, no doubt, but there are other options available to you depending on your needs. From plate racks and wine racks to other storage compartments and containers for things like onions and potatoes, feel free to think outside the shelving box.

Kitchen pantry tips #5

Keep shelving depth moderate
Although deep shelves can definitely hold more items, keep in mind that if you place 20 cans on one shelf, one behind the other, there is a good chance you will forget about the cans all the way in the back.

Place shelves as high as you can go and store items that you rarely use up there, but be careful not to place things that are quite bulky, like a cake mixer (I speak from experience).

Kitchen pantry tips #6

Add lighting
You don’t have to invest a ton of cash in the perfect mood lighting for a kitchen pantry, but you do need to be able to see what is in there, so some lighting is necessary.

The lights can either be hard wired during installation, or plugged in when you need to look for something the lights can’t help you spot.

What is the kitchen pantry of your dreams?

Kitchen pantries usually come in all shapes and sizes, depending on individual homeowners’ needs. More than just a glorified and over-sized cupboard, a walk-in kitchen pantry is always welcome in a home.

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