How Do Homebuyers Search For Homes?

When you plan to sell your home, you need to develop a mindset that is less about how great your home is to you and more about how homebuyers navigate their searches and what they want in a home.

How homebuyers search for homes

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By understanding the way the mind of a homebuyer works, you just might be able to influence their behaviour and get them to give your home a little look-see, which might lead to sealing the deal.

Phase 1: 86% of homebuyers begin their search online

There are around 10 major property sale websites in Canada, but only three are really worth being listed on. At some point or other, homebuyers will end up searching on one of these websites.

Top 10 Real Estate websites in Canada the largest website in Canada and perhaps the most well-known.

The ComFree Network: With vivid, high-quality images of homes and property descriptions written by the owners themselves, the ComFree network is the second most-visited website in Canada and the largest commission-free real estate network in Canada. a database of homes for sale throughout North America.

If you have your property listed on one of these three websites, there is a great chances that it will get found online.

Phase 2: Homebuyers filter their search

When homebuyers search for a home, they tend to filter their results in order to find a home that suits their needs.

Location: most homebuyers want to live in a specific city or region and will not waste their time looking at homes that don’t fit this criteria.

Price: it’s a well-known fact that most homebuyers will set their price range search about $50,000 above their actual limit in order to see what is actually available above their budget and to allow for negotiation.

Property Type: this may be hard to believe, but most people tend to leave this part blank rather than break it down by condo, cottage or single-family home. What you still want to do, however, is ensure that your property description contains great keyword usage for those homebuyers who search by keyword.

Phase 3: Homebuyers browse through many homes

Once homebuyers get their results online, they begin to sift through the results and scroll down until a home strikes them.

For homebuyers who have been searching for a home for a while, they will likely sort the ones by newest listings first. Others might order them by most or least expensive first.

Amid their browsing experience, homebuyers are honing in on four key elements: pictures, price, location, and keywords.

Pictures: Are your pictures crisp and clear? Do they show off the true beauty of your home? The pictures featured on the ComFree network are high dynamic range (HDR) and show the home at its best, but it is up to you to stage the home for the pictures that will be taken.

Price: It takes a homebuyer no more than mere seconds to decide if the pictures warrant the price you are asking for your home, so ensure that your pictures are as appealing as possible and that your home is priced right.

Location: Homebuyers will want to ensure that the home is situated in an ideal location and in no more than a few seconds, so make sure to sell what’s around our home, as well as your home.

Keywords: Homebuyers have an idea about what they truly want in a home and may be searching for specific keywords in the description like “contemporary,” “modern” or “traditional” so use the appropriate keywords that apply to your home.

Phase 4: Homebuyers click on the homes that pique their interest

If everything in the aforementioned phase meets their desires, they will click on your property. What will they do first? Sift through all the images, so it’s important to ensure that you have the right amount of images and that your showcase the high points of your home.

How many pictures is adequate? Between 10 and 20 usually leaves the homebuyer feeling like they have seen the majority of the home.

Next, the homebuyer will read the description about the home and, if they are keen on seeing the home, will print the brochure to keep the information on hand.

Phase 5: Homebuyers take action

If they are ready to take the next step, a buyer will contact you or their buyer’s agent, to ask questions and book a viewing.

During the showing of your super clean and well-staged home, inform the homebuyer about all the wonderful things that come with your home, the great amenities that are nearby and the neighbours they will grow to love.

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