How To Think Like A Homebuyer

Too often, sellers are so busy seeing things from their own perspective that they are unable to look at things through a homebuyer’s eyes. But sellers need to appreciate the things that motivate homebuyers in order to better place themselves when it comes to negotiations.

So here is how you can think like a homebuyer and make sure you close the sale quickly and efficiently.

How to think like a homebuyer #1

Don’t rush them
First-time homebuyers are understandably a little nervous about buying a home considering it is likely one of the biggest investments they will ever make in their lifetime. The last thing they need is pressure and deadlines. Empathize by talking about your own experience buying your first home.

How to think like a homebuyer #2

Price your home right
Investigate your competition and make sure to price yourself right for what you are offering. Buyers on average look at about 20 properties before making an offer on one. Ensure that you are priced right and offer the best deal in your area. That way, you are confident about your price and homebuyers will see that and feel more confident about making an offer.

How to think like a homebuyer #3

Throw something into the deal
Everyone loves to feel like they are getting a little something extra when spending money. So show a little flexibility and tell them that you will throw something into the deal (something you may have been willing to part with anyway).

How to think like a homebuyer #4

Keep communicating
It’s normal for homebuyers to feel nervous so make sure you keep the lines of communication open and that you are transparent about everything related to the sale. If the homebuyer feels like they can trust you, they will feel more comfortable about the transaction.

Think like a homebuyer, but expect the unexpected

Sometimes, everything seems to be going perfectly and then all of a sudden, the deal is just off. You need to be prepared and have a plan B in your arsenal to keep on with your sale and make sure you find someone with whom you can close the deal.

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