8 Amazing Bathtub Designs

When it comes to bathrooms it is true that bathtubs are the unspoken centerpieces of the room itself, and perhaps the least utilized. In an effort to up the wow factor of the bathtub, some fantastic designers have created pieces that are breathtaking and remarkable.

Amazing bathtub designs

Amazing bathtub designs #1

The high-heel

Amazing bathtub designs - High-heel bathtub

While this bathtub is certainly an acquired taste, there is no doubt that shoe fetishists everywhere can easily see the beauty in this high-heel bathtub that easily doubles as makeshift wallpaper.

What makes this bathtub so cool, however, is the way it fills up as the water cascades down the top to fill the tub.

Amazing bathtub designs #2

The Illuminati

Amazing bathtub design - illuminated tub

A bathtub that you can turn off the lights and sink into while it lights up the room all on its own is a welcome treat for those who have headaches and just want to soak in hot water and forget the days’ woes.

Amazing bathtub designs #3

The see-through

Amazing bathtub designs - See-through tub

A bathtub that is transparent is exciting to look at although my practicality radar tells me that this one may be a little difficult to clean.

I do, however, have it on good authority that those with fit bodies set up cameras to take pictures of themselves whilst soaking. Just sayin’.

This can also work to impress houseguests and small children should you feel like playing magician.

Amazing bathtub designs #4


Amazing bathtub designs - Granite tub

And here I thought that granite was only used for kitchen countertops – seems that granite is becoming a more and more popular choice for those who want a little originality in their bathrooms.

A granite tub is super smooth on the inside (careful stepping in) and rough around the outside to give it a real textured feel.

Amazing bathtub designs #5


Amazing bathtub designs - Golden tub

For the Donald Trump in all of us, I introduce to you the golden tub of yore. Okay, so I’m kidding about the yore thing but it truly does look spectacular and somewhat outrageous, especially for a typical suburban home, don’t you agree?

However, I do think that the view in this image speaks volumes and that perhaps the bathtub is not the focal point.

Amazing bathtub designs #6


Amazing bathtub designs - Fireplace tub

Call me biased, but I think that having a fireplace by the bathtub is probably one of the best ideas man has ever come up with. Add a nice glass of red, perhaps some Robin Thicke on the radio, and you can have yourself a perfect evening of alone time. Or perhaps alone together time.

Amazing bathtub designs #7

Crocodile leather embossed

Amazing bathtub designs - Crocodile leather tub

For those of you who are obsessed with leather, and I know you’re out there, a leather bathtub might be just the thing to satisfy your love of rawhide.

I am not quite clear on the logistics of taking care of such a bathtub, but I imagine that there is some upkeep involved. The way I see it, sitting in a tub, despite what’s on the outside, makes it all worth it in the end.

Amazing bathtub designs #8


Amazing bathtub designs - Bookcase tub

For the bookworms who love to indulge in a good book while taking a soak, this library bathtub fulfills two needs in one. You can store books in the bathtub so that you don’t have to get dressed and go all the way back downstairs to get the book you want. And the bathtub is beautiful to boot.

Other amazing bathtub designs?

Come across any other bathtub designs that you think are worth sharing? Feel free to let me know in the comments below.

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