4 Ways to Price Your Home to Sell Fast

When you decide that it’s time to sell your home, chances are you will want to price your home to sell fast. The best way to begin the process of pricing your home is to take your personal feelings out of the equation.

How to price your home to sell fast

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By viewing your home as a property rather than, say, “my first home,” you take your personal feelings out of the equation and can therefore focus on the sale as a business transaction.

If you want to price your home to sell fast, you will need to do some homework first, and if you do it right you can unload your property at a great price and within a reasonable time period.

Ways to price your home to sell fast #1

Check out the neighborhood

Don’t be afraid to visit open houses in the neighbourhood to see what homes in your area are priced at and what that price includes. Square footage is not the be all, end all of pricing a home. The quality of the contents that come with the home are also of major importance (e.g. high-end faucets, energy efficient appliances, wood flooring throughout the home, etc.)

Focus on homes that are being sold within a three-kilometer radius and that similar in size to your own and pay close attention to the things that catch your eye.

Is the home move-in ready?
How’s the temperature?
Are the kitchen and bathrooms up to date?
Are the floors clean? Are the walls newly-painted?
Does the home need some obvious repairs?

When you get back to your place, try approaching it in the same way and ask yourself the same questions.

Also, keep an eye on how long the homes stay on the market. Remember that the homes that sell the fastest are the ones that are in great condition, clean and are staged well.

Ways to price your home to sell fast #2

Follow the comparables

Now it’s time to look into the homes that are similar to yours that have already sold in your area. Although open houses will show you what people are asking for their homes, comparables will demonstrate what homes are actually selling for.

Find out how long these homes sat on the market before selling and this will help you establish which way local prices are trending.

Ways to price your home to sell fast #3

Offer a good deal

If three homes on your block are listed between $300,000 and $310,000, and you decide to list for $280,000, guess whose property will generate the most interest? That’s right.

And chances are that homebuyers who think a home is good deal will bid up and essentially bring the price up to what the home seller listing their home for $300,000 would have to come down to anyway.

It is ideal to price your home right the first time rather than have to constantly revisit the price you set and keep lowering it. Remember that if you list your home for sale and get visits but no offers, you may have asked for too much. If no one even shows up, then you really missed the boat on pricing.

Ways to price your home to sell fast #4

Remove your listing

If you’re reading this article a little late in the game and have already made too many price cuts or the home has been on the market for months already, consider taking it off the market for a couple of months.

Before you list it again, make sure that it is reset; that is the days listed begin anew.

Price your home to sell fast

Selling a home is not difficult so long as you educate yourself about what’s going on around you and price your home effectively. Add to that a move-in ready home and a great location, and you will have yourself a home sale in no time.

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