Amazing Furniture That Reduces Clutter

In a world where “stuff” overtakes our lives pretty quickly, it’s nice to know that there are people out there designing furniture that reduces clutter and helps you keep your home organized.

Furniture that reduces clutter

When it comes to furniture that reduces clutter, it is important to note, that unless you commit yourself to maintain some organization, even this furniture won’t be able to help you.

Whether you have a small home or simply prefer to have a lot of wide open spaces, this furniture that reduces clutter will definitely help your objectives.

Furniture that reduces clutter #1

Furniture that reduces clutter

The wall desk
Designed by Miso Soup Design, this uber-clever workstation, AKA the K Workstation, is a phenomenal piece of furniture that can keep your little students focused and organized.

Made of one piece of cut and bent wood, the entire piece of furniture, which boasts a ribbon-like feature, includes a desk, backboard and shelves for books.

Furniture that reduces clutter #2

Stepladder drawers reduce clutter

Stepladder drawers
Although the Staircase Storage Solution is great for smaller homes that need to maximize space, chances are you r home should have high ceilings for this to work effectively.

With plenty of drawers to keep your home clutter-free, these sky-high drawers also double as a ladder, as the bottom three double as a staircase. And for those of you who get vertigo easily, there’s a side rail for you to hold onto and climb up safely.

Furniture that reduces clutter #3

Wire organizer

Wire tamers
I am guilty of having a ton of wires gliding all across my home office floor, not to mention my TV room, so this little gadget is on this list for full-on self-serving purposes.

To calm the power cord mayhem, the Cablebox Mini made by Bluelounge allows you to tuck your cords out of sight and maintain some semblance of cable cord sanity.

Furniture that reduces clutter #4

Storage desk and chair - furniture that reduces clutter

Storage desk and chair
There are certain things you see and think to yourself, Why didn’t I think of that. Well, the Trick book storage solution by Sakura Adachi is one of those things.

Incredibly suitable for small spaces, this small dining set with two chairs and a flat surface for eating, writing, and using your computer is extremely ideal.

Furniture that reduces clutter #5

Plain shelf doubles as a storage space

Sneaky shelving
If you’re a big fan of saving space, then the Shifty Desk by Daniel Schofield will impress you.

Although it looks like a simply hallway counter, if you grip and pull with hands you will reveal a whole new space for storing everything from paperwork to everyday desktop items.

Furniture that reduces clutter #6

Double chair reduces clutter

Sneaky double chair
If you have a small place but like to entertain often, then this Zanic Design will blow your mind. Two chairs in one, the inner shell is constructed of red wood and the outer one is made of super-sturdy Corian.

The seating system doubles your chair allowance without all the clutter when not in use.

Any more furniture that reduces clutter?

Today’s consumers want original products that they have never seen before, but these products also need to minimize clutter, and have esthetic appeal and practical use.

Are there any other items you think should be on this list? Feel free to share in the comments below.

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  1. David A. says:

    I love this post! I can’t tell you how often I tell people to REDUCE furniture in their home rather than add constant clutter.

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