6 Home Office Essentials

Home office essentials for your home

Whether you’ve decided to start working from home or you simply want to create an office for off-hours work-time, a home office adds prestige and a touch of professionalism to a home; so long as you have the home office essentials.

The main elements for a home office may vary for different people, but overall, the following is required if you have any plans to get some work done.

Home office essentials #1

While wide open spaces and open-concept homes are all the rage, a home office that sits in the middle of an open room will not allow you to get any real work done, especially if family members are home.

A private space, preferably a closed off room, is ideal and makes a home office feel like a real office, but without that cubicle sensation.

Make your home office beautiful

Home office essentials #2

Equipment layout
What makes up a major home office essential? It all depends on what your objectives are. Most home offices, however, contain the following:

– A laptop
– Two screens
– 3-in-1 printer, fax, scanner
– Telephone
– Desk
– Chair

But the equipment probably isn’t as important as the layout, as it is imperative that the ergonomics create a sense of smooth movement from one place to another rather than making you feel like you have to constantly stand and move around to get what you want.

Home office essentials #3

Good lighting
Lighting is an important part of a home office so make sure that yours is adequate. Natural light is always recommended during the day, so a home office with a window is ideal.

If that is not possible, then make sure to add lighting to your home office that mimics natural light rather than opt for neon or halogen lights. As well, a lamp also works well when you need a little extra light to get a good look at certain documents.

Home office essentials for you

Home office essentials #4

Adequate Storage
Storage is your friend, and storage in a home office is absolutely essential. Make sure that you plan for adequate storage compartments and file desks to help you stay organized and ready to rock.

Ensure that your storage area is at arm’s length so that you don’t have to get up from your desk to file something away.

Home office essentials #5

Lock box
While this may not be an element, per se, I strongly recommend that you find yourself a good lock box that is small enough to grab in an emergency. In it you should store the necessities: a few hundred dollars, birth certificates, passports, insurance documents, etc.

If there is ever an emergency situation and you are only able to grab one thing, the lock box is it.

Home office essentials #6

Magnetic paint
Magnetic paint can transform any wall into a cork board without the cork. First you paint your wall with the magnetic paint, then you can paint over with whatever colour you like.

It is super strong and can hold magnets easily. Use it to post important papers on the wall or just impress your friends, if that’s your thing. It costs well under $40 so it is well worth the price.

Other home office essentials?

Please feel free to add any other elements of a home office that you think are crucial to having a professional space that helps one put on their business hat and get to work in the comments below.

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