Modern Built-in Fireplaces For Your Home

Modern built-in fireplaces

Fireplaces with wood mantels are no longer the norm; instead nowadays most homes boast contemporary or modern built-in fireplaces that are eye-catching and enhance the decor of a home.

Modern built-in fireplaces don’t have to cost an arm and a leg either; nowadays there are modern built-in fireplaces to fit every budget.

Turn an existing fireplace into a modern one

If you already have a fireplace but want to give it a more contemporary feel, you don’t have to bust down the walls to do so. It’s usually easier to work with what you have rather than build anew.

Modern built-in fireplaces for the home

All you have to do is remove the mantel and replace the ceramics with stone or even just make it flat and paint around it. If what surrounds the fireplace is brick, sometimes just painting the brick is the quickest and easiest fix.

Brick and fireplace refurbishing kits facilitate redoing a brick or stone fireplace while allowing you to preserve the brick-and-mortar look. Although this is a touch pricier, it may well be worth it.

Modern built-in fireplaces for the home

Beautiful modern built-in fireplaces for your home

For those who do not have a fireplace, the possibilities for a modern built-in fireplaces are truly endless. From smooth tiles and concrete to wood fascias, there are modern built-in fireplaces to please every palate.

The chracteristics of modern built-in fireplaces include a minimalistic mantel or perhaps no mantel at all and rest along a smooth wall. As well, most modern bilt-in fireplaces tend to be placed higher up on the wall rather than along the ground like most traditional fireplaces.

For those who have contemporary tastes that tend to hover more outside the box, there are fireplaces that sit in the middle of the room, fireplaces that are suspended from the ceiling, and even free-standing fireplaces units.

Free-standing fireplaces vent out the roof like the traditional fireplace, but instead of a chimney they often boast a smaller shaft.

Modern built-in fireplace fuel

No matter if you’re remodeling or installing a brand spanking new fireplace, you need to consider the fuel for your fire.

Stunning modern built-in fireplaces

Because of pollutants, most modern built-in fireplaces have abandoned wood-burning models in favour of wood pellets, gas and fuel. These types of fireplaces tend to be less harmful to the environment and are much easier to use than wood.

And while you may consider yourself quite handy when it comes to DIY projects at home, I strongly recommend that you leave the installation or new inserts (converting from wood burning to wood pellet burning, for instance) to a trained professional.

Modern built-in fireplaces abound

Modern built-in fireplaces that wow

How do you feel about modern built-in fireplaces? Do you love them or do you prefer a more traditional look? Let us know in the comments below.

And if you’re looking for the perfect new home complete with a modern built-in fireplace, visit today.

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