ComFree Introduces the $15,000 Giveaway

ComFree introduces the $15,000 GiveawayWhat would you do with $15,000? That is what ComFree, the largest commission free real estate network in Canada, wants to know because we want homeowners to know what it feels like to save the commission when they decide to sell their home.

The ComFree $15,000 giveaway runs till May 2012

So whether you would use the money towards an African safari or rent a limo and relive the day you said “I do” to the love of your life, we want to know!

Fill out the form, tell us about what you plan to do with $15,000, like us on Facebook, and wait to find out if you’re the winner.

The contest runs until May 27, 2012 and the winner will be announced the next day on Facebook for all to see!

ComFree $15,000 giveaway for Canada!

Enter the ComFree $15,000 Giveaway

Not sure what you would do with $15,000? Then check out this infographic that explains what $15,000 in commission saved can get you. Selling your home without paying commission is truly the new way to sell real estate and we are giving away a cool $15K just to prove it.

There is no better prize than cash, so enter the ComFree $15K Giveaway today and you could win big. Seriously big. Like paying no commission on your home sale big.

Enter the contest here: ComFree $15K Giveaway

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