How to Appeal to Women Home Buyers

How to appeal to women homebuyers

It is no secret that men and women are different and must be wooed in different ways when it comes to home showings. Great photographs, some furniture, adequate-sized rooms and a solid foundation are usually enough to satisfy a male viewer.

If you want to appeal to women home buyers, however, the game changes. Women tend to rely on their instincts and can easily walk into a house and decide from the first step that this house just isn’t right for her.

So how can you appeal to women home buyers when selling your home? Keep in mind that this is an important aspect of home selling, especially considering that 80% of buying decisions are made or influenced by a woman.

There is also good reason why only 5.5% of men pay full asking price for a home compared to 17% of women: When a woman falls in love with a house, she will do whatever is necessary to make sure she gets it.

Here, now, is how you can appeal to women home buyers

How to appeal to women home buyers #1

Connect with her emotionally
Talk about the surrounding area, the fantastic neighbours, the myriad children or amazing shops nearby. Figure out what her situation is and play up the key points of your home that would appeal to her.

How to appeal to women home buyers #2

Make your home homey
Great window dressing, throw pillows, fresh flowers and luxurious bedding will serve as an inspiration and help her to see herself living in this beautiful and comfortable home.

How to appeal to women homebuyers

How to appeal to women home buyers #3

Appeal to her senses
A clean home with clean, crisp towels, scented candles and clean floors with textured rugs will serve to give her that feeling that she has finally arrived at her palace.

How to appeal to women home buyers #4

Sell it to her partner
You want to make this a unanimous sale so appeal to her partner by showing off the remote controlled fireplace, the double garage, and the big rooms. This way, she won’t have to do much persuading when it comes time to make an offer on your place.

More ways to appeal to women home buyers?

Do you have any more suggestions as to how a home seller can appeal to women home buyers? If so, feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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