Best Paint Colors For Rooms

Best paint colors for rooms

When it comes to the home of your dreams, you imagine it filled with paint colors that challenge the senses and leave a lasting impression.

You fear, however, that you may end up choosing the wrong color for the wrong room and be doomed to repaint and repaint until you get it right.

Well before you run off to the paint store and buy whatever the clerk recommends, you might want to consider what the best paint colors for rooms are.

Best paint colors for rooms #1

If you want to raise the energy level in a room, paint it red. It is believed to stimulate conversations and create intense sensations. And while most people think it is great for bedrooms, truth is that it might be if you only visited your bedroom at night, at which time the lighting would mute the colors.

Which rooms is red best for? Living room, dining room, entry way.

Best paint colors for rooms #2

If your objective is to give off an air of happiness, then yellow is your man. Making a room feel bigger and more welcoming, yellow is believed to stimulate the nervous system. But buyer beware, some studies show that people tend to lose their tempers and babies tend to cry more when surrounded by yellow in a room.

Which rooms is yellow best for? Kitchens, halls, entryways, bathrooms.

Best paint colors for rooms #3

Ah blue, my personal favorite. Blue is believed to bring down one’s blood pressure and calm respiration. When people think of blue, they are reminded of blue skies and the sound of the ocean.

Blue - best paint colors for rooms

Most everyone sees blue as a calming and relaxing color, but most also agree that when you veer towards light blue, you must be careful that you don’t create a sterile-looking environment.

As for dark blue, it is believed that it conjures feelings of sadness and irritability, so you might want to avoid it.

Which rooms is blue best for? Bedrooms, bathrooms.

Best paint colors for rooms #4

Believed to give the eyes some much-needed relaxation, green is a combination of cheerful yellow and serene blue. Sage encourages chilling out but not to the extent where you feel the need to take a 3-hour nap.

Green is also known to promote feelings of comfort and unity, making family and friends come together.

Which rooms is green best for? Kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms, dens.

Best paint colors for rooms #5

The color of royalty, purple gives off a luxurious appeal when at its darkest (think eggplant). Rich, dramatic and sophisticated, it brings out the creativity in people and adds depth to a room.

At its lightest (think lilac), purple induces a restful sensation but at the same time provides a sensation of warmth and love.

Which rooms is purple best for? Bedrooms (light), library (dark), home office (dark).

Best paint colors for rooms #6

Arousing excitement, enthusiasm and energy, orange is a color that encourages people to get moving. Believed to heal the lungs and increase energy in ancient cultures, orange is great for those who need a jump start to their day.

Which rooms is orange best for? Exercise rooms, kids’ playrooms.

Best paint color for your rooms

In an effort to create a home that isn’t spewing myriad sensations and feelings, use neutrals like black, grey, white and brown to offset the loudness of some of the colors used on your walls. And please, for the love of all things stylish, use black sparingly.

As well, don’t be afraid to paint your ceilings with color and leave your walls white instead. It adds personality and character to a home.

Finally, keep in mind that dark colors make a room seem smaller and light colors make a room seem larger.

If you are looking for a new home to apply your newfound paint color knowledge to, visit today.

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