5 Secrets of Selling Your Home

Secrets of selling your home

When it comes to the secrets of selling your home, learn as much as you can about real estate before you decide to list your home. That way, you will become the savvy seller who knows exactly how to woo homebuyers and sell your home for as close to or above the asking price.

Pouring money into the place before selling your home is not the best way to go. If you plan on listing your home for sale soon or you desperately want to move to another location, don’t spend thousands upon thousands of dollars in renovations; use these secrets of selling your home instead.

Secrets of selling your home #1

Don’t over-renovate
Doing some quick fixes before you place your home for sale is a smart idea and always pays off. Fix a cracked window; repaint some rooms and repair leaky faucets to make your home show better.

Major renovations that run you in the thousands before placing your home for sale, however, are not a sound idea. You can’t tack five-figures onto the cost of your home just because you did a major renovation in the kitchen; that is not the way real estate is sold.

Secrets of selling your home

Secrets of selling your home #2

Clear the storage areas
Storage is one of the key qualities that homebuyers look for in a home, so when it comes time to selling your home, empty your closets, cabinets and drawers so that they only look half full. This creates an air of spaciousness.

Keep the storage areas neat and tidy, and homebuyers will look upon the storage areas as more than just a place to stuff all the unwanted things in the home. They will see it as an organized storage space where they can keep some semblance of order. And homebuyers love order.

Secrets of selling your home #3

Show the kitchen off
Let’s be honest here, when you’re selling your home what you’re really selling is the kitchen – yes, it is that important.

Remodeling your kitchen can get you about 85% of your money back when you decide it’s time to think about selling your home, but again, don’t remodel the kitchen by spending $60,000 immediately before putting it on the market.

Spending a few thousand dollars on great countertops and a paint job may keep the homebuyer from trying to knock five figures off the selling the price. Including your stainless steel appliances when selling your home also goes a long way when it comes to negotiating the sale price.

Secrets of selling your home #4

Hide your pets
I know, your dog is a proud member of the family and that’s great. But when it comes to selling your home, homebuyers may not agree about pets being part of a family and may not want to invest in a home that a dog has lived in.

That said, when showing your home, you may want to send your pet to soemeone’s else’s home and conceal any sign that a pet lives there. Air out the house, put away the dog bowls and play toys and show the home as though it is a pet free one.

If the homebuyers ask if you have pets in the home, this reveals one of two things; either you did not do a stellar job of eliminating pet odors and paraphernalia around the home, or the homebuyer is deathly allergic and can feel that a pet lives there. Either way, be honest.

Secrets of selling your home

Secrets of selling your home #5

Make the best first impression
Even if your home is staged to sheer perfection within, without the right curb appeal and entryways, no one will really care about what’s going on inside.

When selling your home, your objective is to wow homebuyers and make them feel a sense of comfort from the moment they lay eyes on the place.

Spruce up your curb appeal with great greenery, clean up the driveway and make the entryway feel welcoming with an ease for putting up coats and removing shoes.

Any more secrets of selling your home?

Do you have anything else to add to the list of secrets of selling your home? If so, feel free to let me know in the comments below.

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