7 Traits of the Perfect Laundry Room

Traits of the perfect laundry room

The laundry room doesn’t usually get much clout in the way of a home, but considering that some of us spend a considerable amount of time hanging out in them on the weekends, I thought it was high time to devote an article to the seven traits of the perfect laundry room.

Perfect laundry room - storage space

Traits of the perfect laundry room #1

Storage space
One of the major traits of a perfect laundry room is having a significant amount of storage space, whether it be for all the detergents and fabric softener you need, or simply a location where you can hide away clothes from a different season.

Traits of the perfect laundry room #2

Hangers / hanging rod
I am not the biggest fan of ironing, as my husband’s mildly wrinkled shirts would tell you, so I prefer to have a spot in the laundry room where I can hang all the collar shirts so that they can dry with a semblance of immediate wearability.

Perfect laundry room - countertop

Traits of the perfect laundry room #3

Instead of having to break your back every time you want to fold the laundry, it is ideal to have a countertop where you can put the laundry basket. Add to that some counter space where you can actually fold and separate items and you have yourself an ideal laundry room situation.

Traits of the perfect laundry room #4

Utility sink
I am lucky enough to have my laundry room right next to my mud room so that, in the summer, I can let my kids sit on the counter, feet in the utility sink, and I can wash away all the nasties from their feet.

Of course, utility sinks are not just meant for cleaning small children’s feet; they are great for rubbing out stains and filling the bucket with water when it comes time to mop. Needless to say, there are myriad uses for a utility sink in the laundry room.

Perfect laundry room - drying rack

Traits of the perfect laundry room #5

Drying rack
I will admit that I am not the biggest fan of drying racks, but when you have tons of clothes that have no place in the dryer, a drying rack becomes your ally. As well, they don’t have to look like white skeletons just hanging out in your laundry room; there are some incredibly stylish drying racks on the market nowadays.

Traits of the perfect laundry room #6

Ah, shelving; my favorite. A very important trait in a laundry room, shelving serves as both a pragmatic and esthetic feature in the room where dirty and clean clothes abound. Use shelving for wicker boxes that you can use to place sewing kits, lost buttons and Sudoku puzzles for those moments when you just need a minute away from everything.

Perfect laundry room - built-in ironing board

Traits of the perfect laundry room #7

Built-in ironing board
While I really have no desire to iron any clothing, sometimes I get that nagging feeling that I look like a raisin in my blouses, so I must complete this evil task. And nothing makes it more bearable than having a built-in ironing board that I can use and put away with one hand.

More traits of the perfect laundry room

Besides phenomenal appliances, what does your laundry room have that I left out? Feel free to let me know in the comments below.

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  1. If I were to have one of these great Laundry rooms wiht tons of counter space, shelving and a built in ironing board, I would include a wall mounted TV, so I get some entertainment while I am doing this chore:)
    In my real life situation, my Laundry room is a mud room too and it is less than 9 x 9 ft.:(

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