How to Appeal to Male Home Buyers

How to appeal to male home buyers

While appealing to both genders is important when selling your home, professional home stagers decided to take a look at the items in a home that are of particular appeal to male home buyers.

How to appeal to male home buyers

It is evident that women tend to gravitate toward intimate-looking setups, and it seems that male home buyers, as well, require a certain emotional appeal that will prompt them to make an offer on a home.

1- Choose appealing colours /textures

Touches of green appeal to both genders; however, to appeal to male home buyers, home stagers will pick something black or brown to draw their attention. A decorative box, a framed picture, leather furniture or accessories, all these things appeal to male home buyers.

2- Minimize the feminine touches

Florals, feathery items, flowers, pastels, if a room looks to feminine, it will obviously not appeal to most male homebuyers, so when you are showing your home to male home buyers, you may want to take all the feminine touches down a notch.

3- Up the gadgets

Rooms that have flat screens, gadgets, and other electronics tend to appeal to male home buyers. So if you want to make that sale, make sure that you accentuate the rooms that contain all these elements. Guys want to envision themselves watching the big game with their friends or enjoying a poker night, so show male home buyers where and how they can make this happen.

4- Show off open spaces

While women love intimate spaces, men gravitate towards open spaces and high ceilings, as they tend to appreciate a larger amount of personal space. So when selling to make home buyers, try to make it so that your rooms look larger by removing some furniture and placing what is there in a strategic way that does not make male home buyers feel as though they need to walk around the furniture to maneuver around the room.

5- Improve the garage

Yes, perhaps it is a stereotype of sorts, but there is a good reason why; garages that have painted walls, clean floors and enough storage for various male-oriented hobbies will impress male home buyers. A section with shelf space is consistently viewed as a good thing, as they can hang tools and keep their things organized.

Also keep in mind that space matters; an empty garage always looks a lot bigger than one with a car parked in it.

Ultimate backyard for male home buyers

6- Show minimal care in the yard

When it comes to the yard, male home buyers find appeal in a well-maintained lawn with healthy grass, minimal bushes that require trimming and garden beds that require little maintenance. Ultimately, it needs to look beautiful without requiring tons of work.

7- Make the home office appealing

A mainstay in most new homes, a home office appeals to men, as they enjoy having a workspace wherein they can keep all their paperwork organized in an efficient manner. And if a male home buyers works from home, then this is a doubly important room, so make it look as spacious as possible.

Appeal to male home buyers

Appealing to women home buyers is wonderful if that is your target demographic, but if you want to appeal to both female and male home buyers, try to keep colors and textures as neutral as possible, make spaces look expansive and avoid sacrificing emotional appeal.

If you have a home that appeals to make home buyers or are looking for a new home, visit today.

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