6 Ways To Create A Green Home

How to create a green homeMore than 17% of the energy consumed in Canada is used to run our homes.

Home buying can be a great opportunity to reduce your ecological footprint; after all you need to consider your children’s future on this Earth. Considering that your home is a place where you will spend much of your time, perhaps you may want to look into how to create a green home.

It’s time for you to look beyond the décor and consider instead these other points that lend themselves to a greener home.

How to create a green home #1

Conduct an energy audit
Home Energy audits are a pretty new concept and chances are that most homes for sale will not rate; however, if you are considering buying a resale home, consider going after one that is Energy Certified.

How to create a green home #2

Consider the location
Your location will determine how often you will need to get into your car to drive somewhere. Ideally, you would find a home that is in close proximity to supermarkets, school, entertainment venues, and your workplace. You must also take into account the other members of your family and their needs.

How to create a green home #3

Think smaller
While large homes are still going strong, the trend is now leaning toward smaller homes with more efficient space usage. When you consider that a smaller home requires less lighting and heating, you can bet that your carbon footprint will get that much smaller.

How to create a green home #4

Upgrade your home
Once you invest in the home of your dreams, get a professional energy audit and then implement some of the recommendations. Some suggestions might include:

  • – Low-VOC paint
  • – An upgraded air system
  • – Replacing old carpet with wood flooring
  • Energy Star appliances

While these upgrades will definitely lend themselves to ROI, keep in mind that you will also have a better quality of life and conscience knowing that you are doing what you can to make a contribution to the betterment of the world.

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How to create a green home #5

Opt for renewable energy
While this may initially be costly, in the long-term, creating your own electricity via rooftop solar panels, wind turbines and geo-thermal power will certainly save you thousands upon thousands of dollars. While this may not be readily available at the moment, it is slowly being offered worldwide so keep your ears peeled.

How to create a green home #6

Get a smaller yard
Like smaller homes, smallers yards are also becoming the preferred option for homebuyers, as less grass requires less water. Keep a small space to grow organic veggies and herbs.

Other ways to create a green home

Let us know what you are doing to create a green home in the comments below.

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  1. Kiva says:

    I especially liked the point about buying small. Going for a small home is a really simple way to go green that saves people too. When combined with the other suggestions, it makes for a much more efficient home.

    For those building green, LEED now certifies homes. There are many benefits to going through the process of certifying your home: http://greenhomesforsale.ca/2012/leed-canada-certification/

  2. Amy says:

    Thank you for this. It’s about time that someone addresses the fact that we need to start living this way all the time, not just when it suits us.

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