7 Open House Don’ts

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Open house don'ts

When it comes to holding open houses to sell your home, it will serve you best if you avoid the following open house don’ts and stick to the plan if you want to sell your home quickly.

Open house don’ts #1

Up the odor-meter
So maybe you have a dog or you want to make sure that home buyers don’t smell any musky odours; that’s great. What’s not great is making your home smell like a bouquet of roses threw up at the front door.

Keep odours neutral and opt to make the home smell more like food; boil some cinnamon in water for a homey feel.

Open house don’ts #2

Leave private information lying around
Home buyersare there to check out the home, so you probably shouldn’t leave any private documents lying around the house. Instead, get yourself a lock box and place it in an area of the home that you no one will venture into or otherwise leave it with someone you trust.

Open house don’ts #3

Go into the absolute minutiae of your renos
Even if you recently renovated every square inch of your home, home buyers may want to know that you did it, but likely do not want to know the complete history of how it came to be, the name of the person who did the reno or what you were thinking while the renos were taking place.

Open house don’ts #4

Stuff all the closets to stage the home
When home stagers recommend cleaning up your home, that does not mean stuffing all the closets with everything that really has no business sitting on the kitchen table.

Home buyers will open the closets, drawers and everything else, so you should make sure that even your storage areas look neat and tidy.

Open house don’ts #5

Leave unfinished DIY jobs
Sure, there are home buyers who enjoy a good DIY job every now and then, but when visiting a home they are potentially ready to buy, the last thing they want to envision is how much work will be involved if they purchase it.

Complete your honey-do list before you start showing the home.

Open house don’ts #6

Ignore yard work
Your curb appeal is just as important as what’s going on inside your home. Make sure you trim your trees and bushes, cut the grass and make it as green as possible, and take care of any weeds in your driveway.

Open house don’ts #7

Let the house pet lie around
Sure, your cat is the love of your life and she is so friendly and pretty, but home buyers may not agree and leaving your family pet lying around the house as you show may hinder you from selling your home quickly.

Make sure that you have some place to leave your pets when you show your home to ensure that home buyers who may have allergies or just a general disregard for pets don’t see this as a hindrance to the sale.

Other open house don’ts

Any other things you’ve witnessed at open houses that put you over the edge? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. FIRST IMPRESSIONS! CURB APPEAL!! New doormat. New plantings out front. Good to have new towels in the bathrooms.

    If the paint job is not good, lower the wattage in the light bulbs!

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