5 Modern Dining Tables

Modern dining table

When it comes to the home, the dining room is often an afterthought and doesn’t get much play in the way of a showroom. But thanks to new modern dining tables, all that’s beginning to change.

Here, now are some modern dining tables that will impress your dinner guests.

Modern dining table

Modern dining tables #1

The dining desk
Designed by Draenet, this expandable dining table is a multi-functional piece of furniture that you can pull apart from the middle, where you can make room for a metal stroller that you can use to bring the food from the kitchen or hold the myriad bottles of wine that you plan on serving.

The incredibly versatile area can be used to accommodate anything from a cutlery box to a huge salad bowl. Made from natural stone, the 7100 Dining Desk is the perfect modern dining table for a contemporary home.

Wood modern dining table

Modern dining tables #2

The dining table
Designed by Hulsta, this incredibly high-end modern dining table has an impressive shape and enough space for well up to 10 dinner guests. The wood surface is extensible and lies on a foot column that hides the extension.

This modern dining table is certainly a crowd pleaser and the beautiful wood design gives it an incredibly natural feel.

Asymmetrical modern dining table

Modern dining tables #3

The night dining table
With a cast bronze base and a solid asymmetrical wood top, this beautiful and modern dining table by Hudson Furniture is an impressive addition to any home that can accommodate it.

The dining table works well, as the semi-finished walnut wood top shows off the lines of its design and really make the dining table a standout feature in the home.

Contemporary dining table

Modern dining tables #4

The grande dining table
The La Grande Dining Table from MDF Italia has an incredibly sleek albeit effeminate feel, what with its curved aluminum sheet shapes and a smooth elegant design.

Available in your choice of lacquered or matte white finish, the table comes with an impressive addition that’s a metallic table covering that is easily complemented by the light.

Beautiful modern dining table

Modern dining tables #5

The luxurious dining table
Momentoitalia introduces a beautiful modern dining table that lends itself to a vibrant chic dining room area with matching modern dining room chairs.

The luxury lies in the details; the chrome finished stainless steel base and the 12 millimeter thick glass top, available in white or black lacquer will leave you breathless. And hungry.

Modern dining tables change the way you eat

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