Low Maintenance Gardening Tips

Low-maintenance gardeningI am one of those people who always believed that you needed a green thumb to enjoy gardening, but I am a reborn gardener all thanks to my low-maintenance gardening plan.

I am not a big fan of spending hours tending to my garden but do find it therapeutic when I do. So the last thing I want to do is stress about gardening.

Low-maintenance gardening lets you tend to your beautiful plants without having to commit to them on a daily or even weekly basis, given mother nature.

Plants that don’t require a ton of care are always winners in my book, so let’s find out how easy it can be to enjoy some low-maintenance gardening.

Low-maintenance gardening requires the right plants

When you choose the plants for low-maintenance gardening, you need to first consider the layout of your backyard, as you don’t want to plant flowers that spread quickly among others that don’t.

Make sure that the plants you choose like the ones that will overtake their section like perennials and yarrow, aren’t planted in the same section as the more easy going of the flower family azaleas and heather.

Some low-maintenance plants: Heather, azaleas, daphne, hydrangea, dwarf spruce, Japanese Andromeda, roses.

Low-maintenance gardening in containers

Another way to enjoy some low-maintenance gardening is by using containers like hanging baskets, pots or anything else that can hold a pile of dirt. If you don’t have a massive backyard or have children who will likely destroy it anyway, you might as well opt for the low-maintenance gardening option via containers.

Place your containers on your deck, balcony, hanging from windows, essentially wherever you think could use a splash of color. The beauty of this is that, as the weather becomes disagreeable, you bring your plants indoors and place them by a window to ensure they get enough light.

Great container flowers: yellow coneflower, morning glory vine, big blue lily turf, marigold.

Low-maintenance gardening for the home

Dwarf your plants for low-maintenance gardening

With the right soil and exposure to light, there are myriad plants that you can plant without worry. If you want plants that lend themselves to low-maintenance gardening, your best bet would be to purchase dwarf and slow-growing plants.

Because tall shrubs like lilacs can grow up to 12 feet, they would require constant trimming, so you are better off buying dwarf shrubs or special compact varieties that stop at four feet.

Recommended dwarf shrubs: asters, daylilies, Shasta daisies.

Low-maintenance gardening for resale

If you plan on selling your home, mentioning that you have a low-maintenance garden may add value to the home, given that the home buyer is not a big fan of spending their days tending to it.

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  1. Having a great-looking garden is not easy as this takes time and patience. Learning a thing or two from those with more experience is an advantage for you get to see sample results that you can actually copy or follow.

  2. Frank says:

    These are very helpful tips considering my wife is a big fan of “fix it and forget it.” Having plants that are easy to maintain is always a big sell!

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