3 Spring Design Tips

Spring design tipsWhen spring comes our way we often get a burst of energy and feel the need to welcome it into our homes. These spring design tips are a great way to use our extra energy and give the house a well-deserved airing now that the weather is improving. But we can also give our house a spring design, which represents spring’s new energy, optimism and natural feel.

Spring design tips #1

Use this season’s colors
A spring design is all about making a home look fresh, natural and bright, and a great way to accomplish this is by using some of 2012’s spring colors.

Sunshine yellow is the most popular this spring, not only due to its association with daffodils, but also because it’s a very upbeat color that influences our mood in a positive way. Fuchsia is another bold and bright spring color that can be incorporated into your design. For both of these colors, it is recommended to focus on just using one of these alone and having pale colors like white or a pastel shade of your choice to support them. Yellow or fuchsia should be the main feature of your fresh design.

If these colors are too bright for you, there are some paler spring colors also trending this season. These colors are pastel shades of aqua, driftwood brown, lilac and green. They can be paired together in your design to create an interesting and intriguing color scheme. Driftwood brown and lilac or driftwood and aqua work well together, as well as aqua and pastel green, and aqua and lilac.

Spring design tips

Spring design tips #2

Switch up your accessories
Now that you have the colors you want, you need to use them in your design. You can use your curtains with the bold yellow or fuchsia to create a stunning design, as long curtains in these colors will draw the spectator’s eye and work well as a main feature of the room.

Other features that you can coordinate with these are cushions, vases, table lamps, and wall art grids. Choosing just one bold color as your design will tie the accessories of the room together.

For pastels, you’ll need a more subtle and fresh-looking design. Having a more natural looking window treatment, such as wooden blinds will work better for this design, especially if you’ve chosen to pair driftwood brown with one of the other pastel colors.

With these pastel shades your accessories could be a combination of the two colors. For instance, a patterned cushion, or lilac cushions and an aqua throw or rug.

Spring design tips

Spring design tips #3

Add some spring flowers
As a finishing touch to your design, consider adding some fresh flowers to your home and color coordinate them to your design. Daffodils are, of course, perfect for the sunshine yellow design, while dark pink tulips work with the fuchsia design.

Blue or purple hyacinths can be added to the pastel designs or a non-related color, which is bolder than the pastels and will stand out from the rest of the design.

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