8 Traits of a Great Playroom

Traits of a great playroomWhen it comes to playrooms, kids make the rules, and when you need some time to just chill out with the pipsqueaks and forget all your worries, a great playroom will lend itself to relaxing and have a great time.

So before you opt to get nothing more than a table and some crayons, might I suggest that you delve deep into the mind of a child to determine what every great playroom needs.

1- Bright paint

“When I went to Sarah’s house to play for the first time, I was so happy because her mom painted her playroom a bright orange and drew rainbows and bears all over the walls. I never wanted to leave!” That’s what 6-year-old Drew told me when I asked her about the nicest playroom she has ever seen.

If you want to make sure that your kids don’t mind hanging out at home on rainy days or when you just need a moment to collect your thoughts, make sure you address the walls and paint them a bright, happy color rather than leave them white or beige.

2- Stickers / Decals

“My friend George has a wall with Star Wars stuff all over it and whenever I go over there, we pretend that we are right there in the movie.” Terence, all of 11 years old, knows what makes a great playroom.

Wall decals can easily double as a storyline for a child’s imagination and take them to places that would impress even the most creative of us. From the more subdued trees with falling leaves to chalkboards, you can let your imagination run wild with the things you can do to the walls.
Traits of a great playroom

3- Storage spaces

The makings of any great playroom begin with awesome storage spaces that make putting things away fun. Of course, I couldn’t get any kids to say anything nice about storage space, but I am still working on it, so watch this space for more.

The catch when it comes to storage space for a playroom is that it needs to be organized in a way that lets children know where everything belongs when it comes time to put everything away.

4- Quiet area

“I have a ‘quiet tent’ in my playroom and me and my friends go there when we want to read a book or have a tea party or talk about boys.” At the ripe age of 9, even Stella knows that everyone needs a serene space in the home where they can chill out and enjoy the silence.

Kids are big fans of forts and areas that are blocked off and give them some privacy so invest in a tent or hang some blankets off a clothes line to give them that air of seclusion.
Traits of a great playroom

5- Library

Even if you think that your kids have absolutely no desire to read books, build a library and they will come. It doesn’t have to be a grandiose library that takes up the majority of the room, but a good area where the books are front facing would probably work best.

Of course, the books work well with that quiet area I mentioned earlier.

6- Outdoor toys

“My best friend Katherine’s dad has a bouncy jumping thing that fills with air and we get to jump in there and we have so much fun!” Lucas, who made it quite clear that he is 5 and a half, admitted that there is nothing quite like bouncing around in a bouncy jumper that’s indoors.

Lucas may be onto something. How often do parents complain that their kids don’t go to sleep when it’s bedtime? Well, perhaps a bouncy jumper, an indoor slide or some other toy that usually finds itself outdoors would work well in the perfect playroom. Think about it.

7- Electronics area

For older kids or kids who enjoy watching a television show or two, or (gasp!) playing video games, an area that is devoted to electronics is ideal. I’ll admit that we have a flatscreen, Bluray player, Kinect and so on and so forth in my children’s playroom, and it’s great for times when we want to hang out together and watch a movie or work out (trust me, you will break a sweat with Kinect).

Admittedly, my 3-year-old has the attention span of a gnat, so when she gets bored 10 minutes into the movie, she has all her toys and books right there, which works out really well.
Modern playroom for kids

8- Seating / Table

“We have amazing tea parties in our playroom and mommy sometimes let’s us eat lunch there and pretend that we are princesses and have good manners,” said 5-year-old Mya, who really enjoys tea parties and formal lunches, but tables can also be used for crafts and teaching alike, so a table with chairs will always serve you well in a playroom.

You may want to opt for a cheaper table and chairs when they are small, then invest a better table when they are grown.

A sofa also works well, as it can be used to watch movies, hang out, or allow adults to relax and watch their kids have a great time.

Got more traits of a great playroom?

Feel free to let me know if there are other items that lend themselves to a great playroom in the comments below.

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  1. Gip says:

    Well what I’d always wneatd to do is paint a large train on the wall and instead of filling in the boxcars with regular paint, use chalkboard paint. And since I saw the pictures you posted from that other blog, I think making a couple of boxcars full of those nifty book shelves would be cute too. Then, using the stickers, put the whole “train a child up in the way he should go…” scripture. Of course it is too late for me to do any of this now since my boys are past the “cute stuff” stage but maybe your kiddos would like it.

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