4 Tips for Designing Your Condo

Tips for designing your condo

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Most condos don’t run thousands of square feet so when it comes to designing your condo, you need to make the most of the least… perhaps 650 square feet least.

That said, if you plan on designing your condo right, whether it be for comfortable living or resale in the near future, here are some things to consider.

Tips for designing your condo #1

Create storage
Storage is your friend, and if you have an unhealthy shoe addiction, it can be your greatest ally. Storage does not have to be locked away in a closet, either. One friend of mind created a long shelf of boxes across the wall of her apartment and used it to display each of her stunning 300 pairs of shoes.

Of course, if you’re an avid sports nut or own a ton of old school paraphernalia, then you might want to store some away in a more private space. Make sure that you consider this aspect when designing your condo.

If worse comes to worst, then rent some storage space either in the condo or with an outside company.
Tips for designing your condo - create workspace

Tips for designing your condo #2

Consider your current needs
What do you like? Do you love the Zen look? Do you have a penchant for old Coke paraphernalia? Decide how you want your condo to represent you and design your condo as such.

Your home is a reflection of your personality, although you don’t want to seem like you have more than one of them. Think of something that you think really defines your character and use it to create your space.

Tips for designing your condo #3

Make a workspace
Sure, your home is your sanctuary, but you have to admit that the technical world has seeped into every part of our everyday life, and so having a place to sit at a desk and work on your iPad or computer is not far-fetched.

A great idea is to place a work table and chair behind your couch, if space allows and use it at times when you need to get some work done. Or double dip and watch TV at the same time.

Decor for designing a condo

Tips for designing your condo #4

Add some decorative pieces
From patterned pillows to original wall decals, you can add some spice to a small space without sacrificing any precious square footage. Ensure that your decorative items are used to add an accent to your décor, rather than overtake it.

A modern condo with dark floors and white walls would look fantastic with red wall art. A brown leather couch would look even cozier with brown and blue patterned pillows or a throw. Look through magazines and watch home décor shows to get your creative juices flowing.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Pick light colors that help spread the light, use long and vertical accessories that visually stretch the room. Don’t overload accessories and appliances.

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