6 Custom Wallpaper Ideas

With custom wallpaper, your walls become a canvas that you can fill with your wildest imagination.

Custom wallpaper in kid's roomWhen it comes to decorating their walls, most people only think of paint, store bought wallpaper or run-of-the-mill wall decals. These options can get boring and predictable. Custom wallpaper allows you to make your space your own. Now you can transform your walls into any design, mural, or scene that you can possibly imagine, here are some great ideas to inspire you in your own custom wallpaper ideas.

Custom wallpaper idea #1

Innovating your kid’s room
Sometimes you envision doing something cool when it comes to your kid’s bedroom design, so why not turn your child’s bedroom into an aquatic wonderland by creating an underwater theme filled with bright and stylistic sharks and schools of fish? This aquarium look and feel gives the room a unique look that your child will appreciate for years to come, in addition to making them the envy of all of their friends.

Custom wallpaper will let their imaginations run wild and could provide them with hours of fun.

Custom wallpaper of world map

Custom wallpaper idea #2

Build a world map
What better way to use custom wallpaper than as a teaching mechanism? Turn a wall into a practical and welcome classroom by creating a world map mural. Without even realizing it, kids will find the experience fun and educational.

Not only does the custom map wallpaper will provide them with a great visual guide when learning about geography and show them how large the world really is and where they are situated at the heart of it all.

Custom wallpaper for kids playroom

Custom wallpaper idea #3

A more playful playroom
If you have a children’s playroom at home, this makes for the perfect custom wallpaper situation. Why leave children’s gym walls stark and boring when you can liven them up with some bright and interesting artwork? This graffiti-style design is a good way to appeal to the tastes of kids in a way that they can appreciate.

Of course, you are not limited to graffiti and may opt for other interesting custom wallpaper based on your children’s interest or as a teaching tool as with the aforementioned map mural – it is in your hands. That’s the beauty of custom wallpaper!

Custom wallpaper for toddler's room

Custom wallpaper idea #4

Make a toddler’s fantasy come to life
For toddlers, a room with custom wallpaper could serve as a learning experience and give your young child the bedroom of their dreams with a theme from their favorite show or book.

They will get lost in their favorite fantasy world much easier with walls that match the theme of their room, and we all know that sometimes fantasy is a great thing that is totally underrated.

Custom wallpaper for the living room

Custom wallpaper idea #5

A living room that represents
Give your living room a personal touch that speaks volumes about your personal design preferences. Give your space an artistic and stylized touch that fits your personality. Turn a blank wall into a completely different scene that suits your style.

From a beautiful tree that runs up to the ceiling to a landscape that you can lose yourself in time and time again, use your living room for more than just staring blankly at the television.

Custom wallpaper skyline

Custom wallpaper idea #6

Pick a skyline
If you have a room that simply does not lend itself to natural light, then completely change the look and feel of your space by adding virtual windows to a world of your choosing. This can help to give the illusion of more space to any room. And even if you live in a main floor condo, you can create the skyline of your choice from anywhere in the world.

Let your ideas run wild and start designing your own custom wallpaper to make your space perfectly suited for those who live in it. Once you have seen what custom wallpaper can be used for, you will realize that the possibilities are really endless.


  1. Hi Velentzas, yes, this is possible! You can find many custom wallpaper companies online, most of which also have the sorts of wallpapers featured in this blog post.

    Happy papering!

  2. I really like your suggestions, however I have a question: when you say custom wallpaper, does that mean that I can take a photo that I have taken or a picture that I like to a printer or a wallpaper shop and ask them to turn it into wallpaper for me? That would be awesome, but is it possible?

  3. Wallpapers add a unique appeal to our walls. There are various designs and patterns that we can choose from to suit our taste and lifestyle. These ideas that you shared are some of them. Thanks for sharing.

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