Battle of the Home Buying Sexes

Battle of the home buying sexes

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If you consult any dating articles written by anyone, it is apparent that men and women are wired differently; but a recent survey* shows that men and women tend to gravitate towards the same motivations when it comes to home buying.

Of course, there are some things that are more important to men than women and vice versa, but overall there isn’t really a major battle of the home buying sexes.

So if you’re planning on selling your home in the near future, here is how to appeal to the home buying sexes.

Home buying sexes top 5 features

Both men and women agree that their top five features in a home are:

1- Master bathroom
2- Walk-in closet
3- Gourmet kitchen
4- Outdoor deck
5- Wood floors

After that, things tend to get a little blurry as men and women take a different turn.

When asked what their three absolute top features were, women selected:

1- Master bath
2- Walk-in closet
3- Gourmet kitchens

When men were asked the same question, this is what they selected:

1- Wiring for entertainment system
2- Pool
3- Hot tub

As you can see, men are more about electronics and the outdoors, while women seek luxury and pampering.

So how can you use this home buying sexes information to your advantage?

When showing your home to a couple, man or woman, keep in mind what appeals to them the most and play up those features in your home. Start by showing the more neutral areas of your home and then work your way over to the “pièce de resistance.” They will be wowed and your home will be sold.

If, by chance, you don’t have the top three things that appeal to women and men, then play up something from the top five list. If you have staged your backyard right and have wood floors rather than carpeting in the home, this might be enough to really appeal to home buyers in general.

Battle of the home buying sexes in effect

At the end of the day, when selling your home, there will be that one buyer who wants it. You need to be patient and proactive in your efforts and make sure that your home is set up for sale.

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*Harris Interactive QuickQuery


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