6 Traits of the Perfect Walk-In Closet

Traits of the perfect walk-in closetThe perfect walk-in closet has become somewhat of a prerequisite of the master suite in homes of late and women worldwide are constantly discussing what the perfect walk-in closet should look like.

So, of course, I thought it was only fitting to take to the streets and ask the people (read: women) what their perfect walk-in closet would look like. So buckle in because this is going to be a luxurious ride.

1- Island

“My perfect walk-in closet would have an island where I can place a great jewelry box, as well as other things I want to showcase. Perhaps even fresh flowers.” Gina from Orillia, Ontario, revealed that she does indeed have a walk-in closet, but has yet to organize it in a fashion that maximizes the space available.

Her husband, Luke, also agreed: “I don’t care much for walk-in closets, I work in IT and don’t really have use for suits and ties, but a nice area to showcase my watch and hat collection would be pretty sweet.”

2- Mirror

A mirror can go a long way when preparing for a night out, but it needs to be placed right. “I think a mirror that stands about 10 feet away from you is perfect. Any closer than that and it would be impossible to see yourself the right way.” Terry from Kelowna, British Columbia admits that her walk-in closet come pretty close to perfection but would prefer that her mirror be placed a little further away.

Traits of the perfect walk-in closet  - sitting area

3- Sitting area

“There is nothing more annoying than having to lean against a wall to put on my stockings or heels while preparing to go out,” reveals Joanne of Regina, Saskatchewan. “I would love to have a sitting area where I can slowly and deliberately put on my stockings without worrying about losing my balance.”

And she’s not alone. Of the women surveyed, almost all of them (92%) agreed that seating is required for the perfect walk-in closet.

4- Space for shoes and handbags

“I am almost embarrassed to admit that I own over 300 pairs of shoes, most of which cost me well over $200, so I think that it’s only fitting that I have a place where I can showcase my collection.” And Laura of Edmonton, Alberta is not alone; it seems that many women (68%) would love to have a place where they can showcase their shoe collection and this is part of what makes up the perfect walk-in closet.

Traits of the ideal walk-in closet for women

5- Drawers

“I have lots of lingerie and stockings that I think just aren’t appropriate for hanging so having a few small drawers in a walk-in closet make the perfect addition. ” Clara from Winnipeg, Manitoba admitted.

Her husband, Mike, also chimed in; “Drawers work really well for me, as I have tons of glasses, watches and wallets that I like to switch up, so a drawer that is built for these things works well for me.”

6- Lighting

“The wrong lighting can make you hate yourself and highlight all your flaws, so for the love of all things silhouette, avoid spotlights and go for softer lighting that highlights your best assets,” said Myra of Regina, Saskatchewan.

When selecting your lighting for the perfect walk-in closet, make sure that it is soft and welcoming rather than spotty, which tends to create unflattering shadows. Your objective is to feel great in your walk-in closet, not hideous.

More traits of the perfect walk-in closet?

So, did I leave anything out? Is there another trait to the perfect walk-in closet that I have managed (shudder) to omit? Please let me know in the comments below.

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  2. Amy says:

    I agree adding ample light is very essential because lighting enables us to see what we are about to wear, particularly in closets designed out of space further in the room, away from natural light.

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