Top 5 Fears Home Sellers Have

Fears home sellers have are metling away

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When it comes to selling their homes without commission, it seems that there are certain fears home sellers have because they might not realize how simple the process can be in the grand scheme of things.

It is not shocking that home sellers have trepidations about selling their home without commission considering that most of them, on average, sell one home every 10 years and feel like they are too inexperienced to take on the task. But in Canada, selling your home without commission is an ideal way to save thousands of dollars.

So to help quell some fears home sellers have about selling their home without commission, here are the major issues that home sellers think they might face and the realities that will help them realize that they do have what it takes to sell their home and save thousands in commission.

Fears home sellers have #1

Legal papers

To start, legal documents are readily available online, including on Because you need to have a real estate lawyer look over the documents to ensure that everything is in order and that all the documents have been filled out correctly, you really don’t need to fear anything in the way of legal documents.

The ComFree network is readily available with free access to assistance from real estate lawyers who help you with any questions you might have so you can feel confident while filling out the documents. You can do this and pay yourself thousands of dollars in the process.

Fears home sellers have #2

Pricing it right

With pricing assistance offered by the ComFree network, you can determine the right asking price, depending on the specifics of your property.

Your home’s value should take into account not only the comparables report, but also things that add value (inclusions, upgrades, views) and things that decrease value (mold, foundation issues). If your objective is to get the home’s value, then you will find a buyer.

Home sellers have no more fear and start selling without commission

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Fears home sellers have #3

Negotiating the price

Negotiating is something we do in our everyday lives; compromise is part of living, so negotiating the price of your home should not be complex. Of course, if you price your home reasonably and take into account the fair market value, then negotiations will be minimal.

Buyers want the best possible deal they can get, so if you do your homework and study comparable properties objectively, you will be armed with the information that explains why your home is priced at the amount it is.

Ideally, the buyer fills out an Offer to Purchase document and may or may not have their lawyer look it over, at which point you can accept or counter based on price, conditions and terms

Fears home sellers have #4

Time devoted to the sale

Unless you have a live-in or on-call maid service, have a third-party handling all your finances and don’t live in the home you want to sell, you are going to have to devote some time to selling your home in either case.

If you want to sell your home in a timely manner, you will need to make your home look presentable from the inside out, so you will definitely have to devote some time to the cause. You will spend about 29 hours devoted to your home sale in either case, so why not keep a few thousand dollars in the process?

Fears home sellers have #5

Showing the home

This is the one major difference between paying commission and not paying commission. You have to show your home to potential home buyers yourself. If you are social by nature, then this is a simple enough task, but if you are not, this part may make you nervous.

All you need to keep in mind, however, is that you have an end goal in sight and that is selling your home to the right buyer. Walk the buyers through the home then give them a few minutes alone so that they can discuss the home and how to proceed.

Ensure that your home looks clean and organized and that there is no one in the home besides those who plan on showing the home.

Fears home sellers have melt away

There is no reason to fear selling your home without commission – if you have the confidence and the drive to sell your home, you can and will do it successfully. The game is changing; let’s play by your rules. Visit today.

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