6 Traits of the Perfect Kitchen Island

Traits of the perfect kitchen islandWhen it comes to kitchens, I think we can all agree that the perfect kitchen island has become somewhat of a staple and expectation of homebuyers. The perfect kitchen island is no longer a simple counter space where one places the stuff that doesn’t belong anywhere else.

Nowadays, the perfect kitchen island is the glitz and glam of the kitchen; a place where the family gathers to talk about their day, enjoy some snacks, work, and even cook together. So what are the traits of the perfect kitchen island? We surveyed our blog visitors and here’s what we came up with.

Traits of the perfect kitchen island #1

Drawers / cabinets

Storage space is an important part of any kitchen and, given that most kitchen islands are quite spacious in size, a few drawers and cabinets for things like pots, utensils, spices, and small appliances. And don’t limit yourself to run of the mill drawers either; there are drawers that allow you to place your utensils upright and cabinets that have a swivel lets you maximize the space inside.

Perfect kitchen island

Traits of the perfect kitchen island #2

Prep Sink

A prep sink really lends itself to the perfect kitchen island because it has so many uses besides prepping; when my kids come home, they use the prep sink to wash their hands. It is a great advantage to be able to use it to fill pots with water and, well, prep food.

Regarding where to place the prep sink, most agreed that it should be close to the stove, still others thought that it should be close to the fridge.

Traits of the perfect kitchen island #3


Seating was one of the top picks on the list of the traits of the perfect kitchen island, and with good reason. All those surveyed agreed that four seats is ideal while the person who is prepping food (that would be me) usually stands on the other end.

“Seating on an island allows for great conversation and intimate moments that would not otherwise happen,” said Tina from Aurora, Ontario. “Some of the most cherished family moments have happened as my family and I sat around our kitchen island and chatted away.”

Traits of the perfect kitchen island #4


The kitchen is a haven for crumbs and such on the floor and rather than lug out the massive vacuum every day for the ritualistic cleanup.

Adding a VacPan in the toekick of the kitchen island is a fantastic idea and allows you to do a quick sweep of the area and get rid of it without ever having to leave the kitchen. The lever is controlled by your foot, which turns on the central vacuum, and you can sweep the debris from your kitchen floor into the large opening.

Perfect kitchen island - popup outlets

Traits of the perfect kitchen island #5


You have a blender, a cake mixer, a food processor and tons of other wonderful appliances stored within your kitchen island, so why wouldn’t you have outlets placed in strategic areas as well? And outlets don’t have to be super ugly, either.

Invest in a pop up outlet in the island or place them along the underside of the counter so that they don’t stand out as eyesores in an otherwise perfect kitchen island.

Perfect kitchen island for your home

Traits of the perfect kitchen island #6

Wine fridge

For those of you who would not otherwise get a large wine fridge, a half-size wine fridge works just fine in a kitchen island. As for placement, you need to work with what you have in front of you, as you need to ensure that you can comfortably open the fridge door to retrieve that yummy and delicious wine.

More traits of the perfect kitchen island?

Let us know in the comments below if we have omitted any of the important traits of the perfect kitchen island.

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  1. All the above mentioned tips are true on all accounts. One must take great care in the prep of the kitchen sink and free of any kind of stench. Also the presence of wine fridge and proper seating are quite invaluable to modern day kitchen island. Thanks for sharing this great post.

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