6 Major Curb Appeal Mistakes to Avoid

Major curb appeal mistake to avoid

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Curb appeal is an incredibly important part of selling your home and doing so successfully. After all, if you’re holding an open house and potential homebuyers drive by and see something they don’t like on the outside, chances are they won’t bother entering your home to see the rest of it.

If you want your curb appeal to stand out and make a lasting impression on homebuyers, here are the major curb appeal mistakes to avoid. Take note.

Major curb appeal mistakes to avoid #1

Remove driveway clutter

Perhaps you might think that parking your beautiful car in your driveway will impress potential homebuyers because it is a nice area with well-to-do families. However, this is a major curb appeal mistake that too many home sellers make.

Parking your car in the driveway tells homebuyers that your home isn’t big enough to store all your extra gear and that you probably needed to pack everything into the garage, and that’s why your car is parked in the driveway.

If you want to show how big the garage is without parking your car in it, then park it on the street or in a neighbour’s driveway to show the maximum amount of space your home has to offer.

Major curb appeal mistakes to avoid #2

Deal with unkempt neighbors

There is no doubt that we are typically judged by the company we keep and if your next door neighbor does not take care of his home, it might not bode well for you.

If you get along well with your neighbor, then it might be worth asking them for some support as you try to sell your home. If you want to ensure that the work on curb appeal gets done, perhaps you can offer to lend a hand and help make their home more appealing.

Major curb appeal mistakes to avoid #3

Remove personal things

From religious images and icons to gnomes and kids’ toys, your objective is to make your curb appeal neutral and attractive. Things that might be offensive or an eyesore should be removed from sight in order to appeal to the masses.

Major curb appeal mistakes to avoid #4

Get rid of the dead things

If you’re selling your home during seasons that are not optimal for a great-looking garden, then your best bet would be to ensure that you get rid of all the deal leaves and plants. And although you might think it’s a good idea to plant artificial flowers, you could not be more wrong. Don’t do it.

Major curb appeal mistakes to avoid #5

Keep it low-maintenance

The last thing you want to do is to scare off your potential homebuyer with landscape overkill. Low-maintenance gardening is what you want to portray so make sure your grass is green and you have enough landscaping to appeal to the eye, but not so much that homebuyers feel exhausted at how much time they would have to spend to keep up the front garden.

Major curb appeal mistakes to avoid #6

Clean the entrance

A new welcome mat, swept entrance and clean front door can go a long way in impressing potential homebuyers. Get out there and look at the front of your home with new eyes. Look for things that would turn you off (rust, dilapidated features, etc.) and right the wrongs.

Any other major curb appeal mistakes to avoid?

Have any more major curb appeal mistakes that home sellers need to avoid? Let us know in the comments below.

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