5 Tips for Decorating on a Budget

Decorating your home on a budget Just because you have a limited budget, it doesn’t mean you can’t update your home with a fresh new look. Start by looking around your house and seeing where you can pull different objects to display in another room.

For instance, that lamp in your bedroom (which is beautiful but no one sees on a daily basis) may look even better down in the living room next to the sofa. Also, keep your eyes peeled for estate and garage sales, as you never know what inexpensive decorating treasures you may find.

Here are some more tips for decorating on a budget:

Tips for decorating on a budget #1

Add a chair rail

You can completely change the appearance of any room in your home by adding a chair rail. Try this in your dining room: use inexpensive, stick-on molding to create a chair rail all around the room. Then paint above and below your new chair rail with two different colors for drama; or use a darker color on top and a lighter color on the bottom (or vice versa).

Tips for decorating on a budget #2

Change your curtains

Curtains add a nice element of warmth to a room. But unless you can find some cheap sheer curtains, they can get pricy if you have a lot of windows. If you are the creative type and handy with a sewing machine, keep an eye out for discounted shower curtains. Those can easily be altered into fabulous curtains. Also, get creative and use new tie backs for your existing curtains – for example, you could use napkin rings or ribbon.

Tips for decorating on a budget #3

Create a photo table

Turn a basic table into a conversation piece. Have a piece of Plexiglas or glass cut to fit the top of an end table or coffee table. Under the glass, tuck snapshots, photographs, postcards, quotes, and/or fabric.

Decorating your house on a budgetTips for decorating on a budget #4

Paint cabinets and add new hardware

The kitchen is one of the most costly rooms to remodel, but you can give your kitchen an updated look simply by repainting or staining kitchen cabinetry and adding new hardware. A new trend in kitchens has been open cabinets, so you may even be able to remove a cabinet door for a clean contemporary look. You might also decide to replace your kitchen faucet with something new – for best results, match your faucet to your new cabinet hardware for a pulled-together look.

Tips for decorating on a budget #5

Replace shower curtains

The easiest, most inexpensive way to update your bathroom is to put a new shower curtain up. You can change the entire feel of your bathroom from quiet and subdued to energetic simply by changing the colors and patterns of the shower curtain you hang. Consider also adding small glass containers to store bathroom supplies or trinkets on a shelf – it’s both visually pleasing and useful.

These were just five simple things that can really make an impact in a room, but the possibilities are really endless! The best advice is to just start somewhere and even if the change is small it can start the transformation you’re looking for.

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