4 Landscaping Tips to Sell Your Home

Landscaping to sell your homeWhen it comes to real estate, the adage “Don’t judge a book by its cover” doesn’t hold true. The reality is, curb appeal is an essential first step in getting potential buyers interested in your home and these landscaping tips to sell your home will certainly help.

The power of landscaping needs to be emphasized in the quest to sell your home. Think of it as “speed dating”: you only have a few minutes to impress potential buyers, so you’d better make sure they want to see more.

Below are some easy ways to pique potential buyers’ interest by making sure your home’s landscape looks lovely.

Landscaping tips to sell your home #1

Keep your lawn healthy

Your lawn is the first priority, so make sure it’s as green and healthy as possible. According to Bob Lussier of Cote Jardin, Inc. (www.cotejardin.com), one way to achieve this is by aerating your lawn once a year.
“Dethatching is also good if the thatch is over three to five centimeters thick.” Lussier also recommends “applying compost on top of the lawn (about one and a half centimeters thick) in the spring.” And when it comes to watering your lawn, “make sure the sod (the grass and the part of the soil beneath it held together by the roots) gets enough water per week.” Lussier warns against overwatering, as this will cause the root system to remain at the surface, which can lead to a lawn-devastating drought.

Landscaping tips to sell your home #2

Keep your landscape well maintained

There are several “quick fix” ways to ensure your lawn and landscape look neat and tidy. One trick of the trade is adding mulch to your garden beds, to tidy them up – better yet, add natural color cedar mulch in the plant beds, as Lussier recommends.

Trimming and pruning up any overgrown old trees or shrubs near the home is essential. Lussier also suggests removing dead and unnecessary branches.

Landscaping your home to sell fast

Landscaping tips to sell your home #3

Shed some light on your exterior lighting

Check your home out at night, as many potential buyers drive by your home in the evening! If you’re working on improving your exterior lighting, be sure not to overdo it: according to the pros at Union Lighting & Home (www.unionltg.com), “A little light goes a long way in the dark of night, so don’t over light the home or blind your guests.

It only takes a few strategically placed projectors to graze and highlight the shape and materials that make your home so unique. You want to show off the positives of your home!” Also, be aware of any special features in your landscaping such as large boulders, prominent flower beds, mature trees, and fences, and “highlight these and then another feature somewhere off in the distance.”

Landscaping tips to sell your home #4

Consider quick fixes

One easy way to give your home a new appearance is to power wash its exterior. If you want to take it further, Lussier recommends painting your railing, steps and front door, and even adding polymeric sand in the pavers and repairing the asphalt. And adding a flowerpot on the balcony is an easy way to elevate your exterior’s aesthetic even more!

The consultants at Union Lighting & Home also recommends checking out your decorative fixtures: if they are undersized and/or falling apart, consider upgrading them.
Your landscaping is the first impression passersby get of your home – so ensure it’s a dealmaker by drawing them in with some curb appeal.

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  1. Lauren says:

    For the quick fixes, have you ever used one of those junk removal companies that are around? I know they cost a little bit, but the fact that they do all that work for you makes it easy. I did my front garden before a move and had one of them clean up all the dirt and it saved me a weekend of clean up, definitely a quick fix.

  2. The lawn that you have can really change the way your house looks as a whole. This pointer is very important to consider if you are selling your house. Make sure that your lawn matches the way your house looks, and if not, think about repainting or remodelling.

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