8 Tips on How to Pack When Moving

How to pack when movingA move is a big production and can take weeks or months to orchestrate. However there are a few tips on how to pack when moving in an effective and efficient manner that will help make the transition smoother. If you’re about to embark on a move, whether big or small, this will make things easier.

How to pack when moving #1

Get organized
Lists are a great way to ensure that nothing gets overlooked. The best way to go about this is in a timeline fashion – what needs to be done a month before the move (booking a moving company, notifying utility companies, collecting boxes), two weeks before (change of, buying tape and labels for packing, and actually packing), or the day before the move (confirming with the moving company, taking down shelves and curtain rods, collecting personal items).

How to pack when moving #2

Pack room by room
Begin the packing in rooms where you spend the least amount of time; this way you can be sure that you won’t need to dig through boxes to find something because you should not have packed it early on.

How to pack when moving #3

Begin the purge
If you haven’t used it in a year, chuck it or donate it. You’ll have enough boxes of necessities to schlep from your old place to your new one, so use this as an opportunity to get yourself organized and finally throw out that armchair from your college days along with your McDonald’s Happy Meal toy collection.

How to pack when moving #4

Buy white paper to wrap  delicate objects
While most people still use newspaper, the last thing you want to do is unwrap everything only to discover it is covered in ink.

How to pack when moving #5

Get the right boxes
You are not committed to boxes that you get from Costco; there are myriad types and sizes of boxes that can accommodate anything from heavy appliances and clothes to office equipment and winter gear. Check with your local moving company or moving supply store for more information.

How to pack when moving #6

Label boxes on all sides
Make sure your packed boxes are in order and labelled on all sides so it’s clear where each box belongs. You may also want to list the contents on the box (in case you’re in urgent need of something like a bottle opener). Color-code each box by room with a bingo marker and hang signs on each room door so people know where they go.

How to pack when moving #7

Use linens or clothes to wrap breakables
This is an easy way to make use of two items in one. “Blankets, towels and pillows may be left in drawers,” said Jon Home, Director of Asset Management at King’s Transfer Van Lines.  Also, use luggage as boxes.

How to pack when moving #8

Mix heavy and light objects in each box
“Books, CDs and canned goods can be packed in smaller containers while lighter items can be progressively packed in larger boxes,” Home said. “And never overload a box.”

Home also added that all major appliances should be properly attended to. “Electrical equipment and appliances should have trays and shelves removed and be disconnected prior to the move,” he explained. Most clothes, however, can be packed in large garbage bags for quick transfer, but more expensive or delicate items call for garment-specific containers. “Large wardrobe boxes are ideal for hanging suits and dresses just as they would be hung in your closet,” Home said. “These are also ideal for transporting drapes and curtains.”

Above all else, it is important to keep personal papers, safes and valuables on you at all times during the move. Happy moving!

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  1. Calvin says:

    Nice tips. We are moving in a couple of months and I had a sneaking suspicion that we should get started now.

  2. Margaret says:

    Thanks so much for the tips. We are planning to move into our new house this summer and these ideas will save me a ton of time.

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